Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Businesses in 2021

social media marketing tools for businesses in 2021

Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. With so much opportunity, every business owner needs to know where to start.

Social media marketing tools are beginning trends that will help businesses succeed for years to come.

Most businesses market their products on social media. An eye-catching visual picture and a compelling description can be game-changers.

However, you need a great tool to design your social media post.

Having known the importance of these tools, what are the best social media marketing tools to buy in 2021?

These days, it’s imperative to keep up with customer expectations and deliver a seamless experience across all channels.

From social media marketing to mobile marketing, digital advertising, and content marketing, companies need the right technology to reach the right customers.

You also need to generate engagement in the most effective ways possible.

This article will evaluate the most effective and productive social media marketing tools for businesses in 2021.

Meanwhile, before delving into the core of this discussion, it is important to learn what social media marketing entails.

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is quite a wide word that can be explained simply.

It is simply the process of promoting as well as selling both goods and services through a variety of methods.

Marketing is the word that refers to the selling of products, goods, and services.

It is usually done by the company that provides the product, goods, or services that is to be marketed.

In some cases, the company goes on to hire an affiliate that markets on behalf of the company.

When marketing is done by a company, it is done by creating awareness of the product, goods, or services.

It takes it to the public by the company’s marketing department through advertising.

Advertising is the process of calling attention to a particular product or service. Every company needs marketing to get more patronage and expand.

The Four P’s of Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tools - The Four Ps of Marketing

In marketing, four steps essentially make up the things a company needs. This is necessary to market its goods, product, or services effectively.

These steps are referred to as the four P’s, and they are product, price, place, and promotion

  • Product: Product is the goods and services that a company has to offer to the consumers. It either needs to fill an absence with something that people need in the marketplace. It can also have something that its competitors do not. Consumers need to understand why your product and services are above its competitors, it has to stand out.
  • Price: Price is the amount of money that your product or service would go for. There is a lot to consider when fixing your price such as the funds which would be spent on marketing. You should also consider transportation and other funds. The prices of the competing products should also be brought into consideration.
  • Place: Place has to do with the distribution of the product or service, where it would be sold, online platforms? Physical platforms? What location would it be delivered to? And so on.
  • Promotion: This has to do with advertising, selling, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship, and so on.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a platform that allows for easy communication.

Social media are interactive Web Internet applications that allow individuals, groups, and organizations to create, share, or exchange information.

It also allows ideas, career interests, photos/videos, and thoughts through virtual communities and networks.

These exchanges happen both online and offline as a result of the increasing popularity of social media.

Social media has changed communication primarily through the speed with which information is exchanged (often referred to as convergence).

It has caused an explosion in the variety of people with which one can potentially interact.

Although there are specific social media for each category listed below, users may participate on merit.

Social Media helps you connect with your audience, build brand recognition and even acquire new clients and customers.

Social media can be used by all types of businesses, big or small. In this article, you will learn when to use social media and how to use it successfully.

In this article about the best social media marketing tools for your business, there is a lot to learn.

You can discover how to leverage the power of social media for business and personal use.

Types of Social Media

Social media has become a major part of many people’s lives.

Whether they are using it for entertainment, or to remain connected to family and friends.

Everyone must be aware of the various forms of social media that are available to them. From the popular Facebook and Twitter to Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

The world that we live in is increasingly becoming digitized just like the rest of our environment.

This means that social media is expanding. There is now a wide variety of different forms and means of social media.

Social media has evolved into different forms and incorporates many types of platforms in use today.

Understanding what the differences are can help you decide if or where to use something other than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Social media has exploded on the market in the past few years. From new and improved social media websites to new types of social media, it’s becoming harder to track them.

Depending on your personal marketing goals and overall marketing strategy, you should focus on a couple of types of social media. You should also engage in a combination of different social media networks.

Social media includes various communication technologies that can be used for personal or group communication. The terms also refer to the social activities facilitated and created using these technologies. Social media is a recent term used to replace internet marketing terms such as web technologies, and online communities.

Some social media platforms include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  

These social platforms allow users to add descriptions to photos and videos, upload media files or links.

It also allows you to connect with others, provide and receive feedback, and the like.

Social media is becoming more and more of an important part of our business marketing plans. It allows us to target potential customers based on their location, interests, and behaviors.

Not only that, but social connections are becoming some of the most important searches on search engines like Google.

While Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites out there, it’s not the only one.

Different types of social media can help you reach your target audience and generate sales for your business.

The social media revolution has brought us a wealth of new platforms, and corresponding methods for communication.

It is overwhelming to keep up with the latest social media trends. However, it becomes easy with the right social media marketing tools.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Now that you understand what marketing is, it is time to go into social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a type of marketing where advert contents are created and shared.

It can be on various social media platforms on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Whatsapp, Snap Chat, etc.

Social media marketing for small businesses helps entrepreneurs utilize tools like tweets, posts, and Facebook to reach a wide audience.

You can learn how to design your profile on Twitter, optimize your image on Facebook.

You can also create a Facebook page that is engaging with fans, potential clients and find the best places to promote your business online.

These are all benefits derived from social media marketing.

To help small business owners maximize their social media presence, social media marketing is necessary.

In this current technology-driven age, social media marketing tools are the easiest and one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

Social media marketing has a lot of advantages some of which include;

  • It allows you to set your target audience
  • It is stress-free
  • It helps you to get an analysis of your progress via analytics
  • It increases your search engine rankings
  • It attracts more traffic
  • It is very cost-efficient

Social media marketing is very effective marketing. However, its effectiveness can be boosted even further by making use of social media marketing tools.

Employing social media marketing tools is the backbone of your business’s social media strategy. It will increase your brand awareness and help create a tribe of loyal followers.

These tools enable you to curate content, schedule it and publish it on multiple social accounts in one click.

Some of them also assist with tracking engagement, gaining insights, and spotting trends.

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Businesses

Impact of social media marketing on businesses

Social media marketing has become an integral part of today’s branding and promoting businesses.

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, more and more businesses are leveraging these platforms. A good reason is to promote themselves and connect with clients.

Social media marketing has come a long way. It is no longer just a trend, it is imperative for business success.

Social media is the new buzz word in marketing, and it has become essential to every business strategy. The best part of social media marketing are listed below;

  • Adopting cost-effective social media marketing strategies enable businesses to reach a global audience without shelling out a mammoth marketing budget. Brands are now using social media as online digital marketplaces where they can reach customers conveniently and easily.
  • It forms an important role in customer engagement and helps increase sales.
  • It has transformed the World Wide Web into a powerful business tool. Most organizations are now using social media for their business success. Small businesses can also use social media marketing to extend their reach and help them with brand awareness, lead generation, and customer attraction. Here are some benefits of social media marketing your business.

Social media is the best place to market your business; it is a free and easy way to market your business and products on the internet.

Learning the importance of social media marketing services is essential. It will provide you with some excellent tips about how to get a better response from your customers through social media marketing.

Social media marketing is all the rage these days and many still seem to think they don’t need to market on social media.

Most people rely on social media as a means of advertising their websites or business, but this is not what social media marketing should be used for.

The major importance of social media marketing lies in building a relationship with your audience and enabling them to build a relationship with you.

25 Essential Social Media Marketing Tools for Businesses

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience.

It also improves brand awareness and increases your bottom line.

However, finding the right social media marketing tool can be confusing with the onslaught of options out there.

If you are looking for a social media marketing tool, you are at the right place.

Social media is quickly becoming an essential tool for companies and organizations to engage with their audience.

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, there are many platforms and tools that can be used for business marketing needs.

It has been accurately said that the most valuable asset of any company is its customers.

One effective way to generate more customers is by using social media marketing tools. However, many companies do not see the value in using such tools.

Business owners should note that it is unlikely that they will achieve success without leveraging social media marketing tools.

There can be no doubt on the effectiveness of social media marketing.

However, with the right social media marketing tools, it becomes so much more effective, time-saving, and stress-free.

Social Media is the best way to interact with customers, vendors, and employees. Regardless of this fact, not everyone has the time or the expertise needed to make it work effectively.

With some of the best social media marketing tools, you will save yourself hours of planning and countless headaches. It helps out by taking care of all your social media accounts in one fell swoop or at once.

There are a lot of social media tools and each having its unique features.

These features are very effective in helping you grow your business with peak social media marketing.

The following list highlights some of the best social media marketing tools for businesses in 2021.

Social Media Promotional Tools

Social media promotional tools are a must-have for any business that wants to grow its social media presence.

These tools help you grow your followers and increase engagement.

Social media promotional tools are more effective than any other type of online promotion. These tools are efficient ways to post your message to a new audience.

With a little guidance and the right social media promotional tool, you can spread your message to a bigger audience.  Some of these tools are;

1. Ingramer

Ingramer Social Media Marketing Tool

Ingramer is one of the very effective social media marketing tools.

It helps businesses measure, manage and report on the performance of their business social media accounts in Real-Time.

It is a social media scheduling tool to schedule updates on multiple platforms in a time-efficient way.

Ingramer allows you to write your updates, see the statistics of when you are most active, and have the most reach. It also links your accounts to share content easily.

This guides you in knowing the prime time to reach your audience.

Think of it as a software program that runs only on your PC and connects to Social media. It is a tool targeted at the Instagram social media platform.

It is used to promote Instagram content, grow followers, as well as get insight into your competitors.

It is a great tool for social media marketing on Instagram.

  • It has an auto-reply feature that can be set to run on trigger words that you choose.
  • Ingramer is a Social media tool that allows you to customize your output, to an impressive level.
  • Every element of the template can be drag-and-dropped and resized. Each element of the template comes as .png, HTML, and CSS files.
  • The templates are created from Google’s Material Design standards and adhere to their accessibility guidelines, making them usable by people with disabilities.
  • It has a hashtag generator that gives you access to up to 12 million hashtags that are updated regularly
  • Its scheduling module allows for the scheduling of posts
  • It allows you to find influencers, competitors, and partners through their search option
  • It allows you to get insights and analyze any public account on Instagram with ingramer’s Profile Analyzer.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo - Social Media Marketing Tools

BuzzSumo allows you to search and analyze the most viral content on social media.

With it, you can discover influencers and gain media coverage for your brand.

 It helps you find out why your competitors are not being found by their target audience.

It is a powerful social media tool that helps you find out what content performs best across Facebook and Twitter.

  • With Buzzumo you can find content faster and save time on all your search.
  • You can analyze your competition’s strategies, and find influencers for any topic in seconds.
  • You can find out why your competitors are not being found by their target audience.

3. CrowdBooster

CrowdBooster is a social media scheduling and promotion tool for Facebook & Twitter.

It has a social media dashboard with unique features allowing you to manage multiple accounts.

You can also manage social networks from one screen, store, and schedule & analyze posts & find new online opportunities.

  • It allows you to share, tweet, re-tweet, and comment with one click.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to manage multiple accounts and social networks from one centralized dashboard.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools are vital for any business with a social media presence.

There are lots of different ways to monitor your social streams, curate content, and post consistently.

Each business will ultimately have a different set of requirements for social media management tools.

Social media management tools can make your life easier so you can grow your audience and fanbase on social networking sites.

However, there are lots of different tools for this sort of thing.

 It seems like there is a new social media management tool or app coming out every other day.

These tools help you save time and reduce the stress of keeping up with your company’s social presence.

Some of the best social media management tools are;

4. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a social media activity tool that combines social media scheduling, team collaboration, and analytics in one easy to use interface.

It is a social media marketing tool that helps you to manage your social media accounts efficiently.

It also helps you to build great relationships with your audience across all social media platforms. 


  • This tool can help you to easily personalize your content for each social media platform
  • You can easily monitor and analyze any brand on social media, From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube.
  • It has a simple yet comprehensive social media dashboard that keeps you in the know so you can get in front of customers.
  • Agropulse has a built-in viral news option that helps you to spread the good news about your company.
  • Agorapulse lets you schedule your posts in advance, you could even reschedule them over and over
  • It allows you to both monitors, interacts, and respond to all your social media conversations in one place
  • It comes with a free trial so you can be sure of what you’re paying for.

5. Tweepi


Tweepi is a Social media management tool that analyzes the relationships between you and your following.

It helps you to retweets, tweets, comments, fans, followers, and more.

Use Tweepi to grow your social media accounts with smart and relevant content sharing based on their quality.

  • Your Twitter profile, Facebook page, blog, and more will be managed for you.
  • Tweepi will help you eliminate those followers who do not engage and grow your social network on Twitter by a targeted search of Twitter users.
  • It analyzes the people that you follow and who follow you, to suggest others who are missing in your network.

6. Socedo


Socedo is a full-stack social media management tool that helps its users scale their social media activities.

It helps you to be more productive and engage more customers with fewer efforts. It allows you to run your Social Media marketing campaigns.

Socedo optimizes the results based on a ton of real-time and easy-to-use data.

  • Socedo lets you create sales leads, appointments, and phone calls from your Facebook Page.
  • Socedo turns Tweets, Facebook Posts, and Google+ Posts into editable lists of businesses’ contact info
  • It is great for tracking information
  • It helps you instantly post updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Lead Generation/ Social Media Marketing Tools

Chances are that you’re looking to generate leads. Social media is emerging as one of the best ways or even the best way to do it. But which tools should your social media strategy be employing?

There are so many lead generation/ social media marketing tools out there that it can be difficult for a business owner to get started.

We all know that starting a business in today’s economy is difficult. That’s why every small business owner is looking for an edge.

 To get an edge, you need to use social media and online marketing strategies; especially ones that can help your business stand out from the competition. Some of the right tools are;

7. Tailwind

This is one of the social media marketing tools that is targeted at Instagram and Pinterest, it helps you to increase your reach, schedule your posts, monitor interactions as well as analyze results.

  • This tool has a hashtag generator that will help save your time.
  • It helps you reach your target audience by providing appropriate hashtags.
  • You can measure what’s working for you and what isn’t.
  • It is very affordable

8. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a social media tool that makes marketing on social networks easier.

It allows you to post opt-in forms and special event notifications to your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts in just one click.

With the OptinMonster widget on your blog, you can create custom opt-in forms in just a few minutes that lead visitors straight to your list.

  • You can run high converting social proof campaigns in minutes.
  • It allows you to post opt-in forms and special event notifications to your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts in just one click.
  • You can create custom opt-in forms in just a few minutes that lead visitors straight to your list.

9. SocialOomph


Socialoomph is a social media marketing tool that can help a business to automate a lot of tasks in their social media pages, it also helps to automate tasks in blogs.

With socialoomph, social media marketing becomes a breeze with its automated features.

As a business owner socialoomph can help you to increase your reach and boost your productivity and engagements to get the best results

  • It gives you the option to operate your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one centralized place.
  • It lets you automate your posting process in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, you can schedule your posts.
  • Their personal suite plan is free.
  • It gives you very helpful information on how to enhance your Twitter follower list as well as identify influential Twitter accounts via keyword search

10. ContentCal


ContentCal is another of the social media marketing tools that can help your business with content creation.

It also helps with publishing and a lot more other things.

With ContentCal you can create a visual content calendar and set up an approval workflow without stress.

It is also quite affordable and very easy to use.

  • It allows you to create a visual content calendar as well as set up approval workflows
  • It integrates over 2000 apps
  • It gives you access to detailed analytics
  • It gives you access to a content hub to store and share ideas.

Social Media Sharing Tools

There are several different social media sharing tools on the market but not all of them are created equal.

You can link your social media posts directly to your website and some of them even work for images.

SMM is essential for every business to reach a wider audience.

Increasing your followers on Social Media and encouraging people to share your content is a job in itself.

Make life easy with these social media sharing tools.

Having the right tools can make you look like a social media pro in your organization.

Here is a list of popular social sharing tools that will get your social media sharing to the next level.

You should put these tools to use anytime you post on your social media accounts.

11. Tagboard


Tagboard lets you easily collect, organize and share the content that matters to you online.

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, Tagboard bridged these social media platforms so you can follow and participate in conversations from one place.

  • It allows you to create, schedule, share and monitor your content.
  • It helps with centralizing all social media activity in one place.
  • Tagboard allows you to curate content from multiple social networks and collect comments on one page.
  • It lets you pin notes to web pages and also post messages to Twitter and Facebook.

12. Revive Old Posts

This great social media tool helps you attract more likes, comments, and shares for your already existing Facebook posts. More traffic for you, more attention for your business.

It also helps you generate leads for your business through Facebook.

Reviving old posts with this amazing tool is very simple, and it also allows you to schedule your posts in advance.

Hence, your future posts will be done automatically and will not clutter up your current Facebook profile.

  • Revive Old Posts analyzes your past post and display them in a new light through design and copy.
  • It allows you to schedule your posts in advance.

13. Buffer

Buffer - Social Media Marketing Tools

The Buffer social media tool enables you to quickly and easily schedule your updates to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. It works just by typing or pasting URLs into the window.

It allows you to post from desktop browsers such as IE, Safari, or Chrome, or platforms such as iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and tablets.

It is a helpful social media management tool that makes it easier to schedule your updates across multiple social channels.

Buffer saves time by letting you plan out tweets, Facebook posts, Google+, and LinkedIn updates in advance.

  • The Buffer app for iPhone and iPad allows you to organize and schedule the posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • It helps you re-post and engage customers with social media.

Social Media Security Tools

Social media is a great new way to connect with people and stay connected. But this new way of connecting comes with risks.

Businesses can be targeted for fraud or hostile takeover. People can be impersonated or stalked online.

Social media security tools are used to track, monitor, and analyze your online activity across social media and other social networking sites.

Social media is an important part of your digital presence that most organizations fail to protect adequately.

Before you look into monitoring your social networks, you have to ask yourself why you are looking into it.

One of the reasons is for security to make sure no one is using your login information on their account.

This is something that you should always be on the lookout for. Some of the security tools you should be using are;

14. ZeroFOX


ZeroFOX is a social media management tool that delivers visibility into and protection from social attacks with a single platform.

ZeroFOX gives organizations 24/7 visibility into brand-specific threats, such as brand impersonation, negative sentiment, and misused communities.

This Social Media Protection Platform stops risks before they are seen by the organization’s audience.

  • It helps you create a more secure enterprise by helping to expose and thwart social media misuses.
  • It helps you manage the information on your profiles.
  • It has a listening and human-powered intelligence (HUMINT) tool that provides organizations with real-time information about security risks, insider threats, phishing, and other malicious activity occurring on public social networks.

14. LastPass


LastPass is a service that provides a secure, web-based password manager for users of major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is available either as an extension in the Google Chrome browser or as a web application that can be accessed through any browser.

It is a free service that saves your passwords and gives you the security of knowing that you’re safe.

It also makes sure that you only use strong passwords for your accounts so that no one can guess them.

  • It enables users to create, store and share passwords in an encrypted vault.
  • It helps with many other daily tasks such as creating secure notes, filling in credit card information.
  • LastPass is a browser extension that saves your passwords and synchronizes them across all of your PCs.

16. Agora Pulse


Agora Pulse is a social media marketing tool that allows users to both publish and subscribe to content from their favorite social networks.

The Agora Pulse marketing dashboard keeps track of your clients’ social media channels so you don’t have to.

  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Algora pulse allows you to monitor mentions and replies.
  • It helps you to organize and store social media conversations in one place.

Social Media Analytics Tools

It goes without saying that in today’s digital world, your business needs to have a solid social media marketing strategy.

It also makes sense that you need the tools to effectively track your social media marketing strategy. Hence, you can find out what works and what doesn’t.

In essence, choosing the right social media analytics tools can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you understand the basics of how these tools work, then it will be much easier to make an informed decision.

Social media is big business, and some of the biggest players are starting to ‘get with the game’.

This happens by adopting social media analytics tools that deal in real-time. It’s not just about Facebook anymore.  

Other social media are increasingly becoming popular such as; Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn.

As a result of this,  marketers are using social media to build brands, communicate with customers and monitor their market share.

Some of the best social media analytical tools allow you to track your brand and manage your marketing investment in an efficient way.

These tools can help you to measure your social media presence and optimize your allocation of time across different social media channels.

There are a growing number of analytics tools that you would find very useful. Amongst them are;

17. Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a tool offered by Facebook that allows its users to track data about their social media activities.

It includes activities such as likes, shares, clicks, and demographics.

This tool allows you to monitor statistics of your timeline posts and fan page and see what content posted on Facebook has the largest reach.

You can compare multiple statistics from both platforms at the same time.

This helps you to put some light on what content you should post on the platform to get the best results.

  • It helps you find your posts even if you don’t remember the exact name or date they were created.
  • It also provides detailed insights into your Facebook accounts.
  • Facebook Analytics helps to understand your growing audience and properly advertise to them.

18. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is one of the most effective ways to analyze your audience and improve your social media efforts.

Followerwonk helps you gain insight from who your audience is across different social media platforms.

Take stock of where your audience lives, what they like, and how active they are likely to be on different Social Media sites.

  • You can discover which of your followers are most engaged on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Furthermore, it helps you know who follows you on Twitter and where they live, finding influencers in a community, or uncovering which accounts are similar to yours.
  • It helps you discover which hashtags are used most frequently by an account’s followers.


AnalissaIO is a powerful social media listening tool that helps you discover and analyze relevant information on social media.

It increases your social media intelligence, and boost your sales. It helps brands to understand and analyze better their content on social media.

  • It offers insightful reports and dashboards about what’s trending in social media.
  • This tool constantly gathers insights and shows you what’s going on in your network at any given moment.

20. Socialbakers


The Socialbakers social media tool is an all-in-one solution that helps you grow your brand’s presence.

It works on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn anywhere in the world.

It comes with a comprehensive set of analytics and competitive benchmarking capabilities.

This innovative platform features a visual interface to give you a 360-degree view of your competitors while also measuring your ROI from investment in social media.

This solution guarantees full control over all your social network operations. It is ideal for brands looking to expand their presence beyond borders.

  • It schedules publishing of posts, automatic posting of branded hashtags to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • It lets you add new updates to one account from the PC.
  • You can log into the dashboard and monitor everything from Facebook to Google+.
  • You can also target your social media marketing according to the latest trends.

Social Media Content Creation Tools

Have you ever doubted how to start off your social media content strategy?

Do you have a difficult time coming up with ideas for new posts and images?

Sometimes, it’s hard to brainstorm original content on the spot, which is why having a library of tools to refer to can generate interesting ideas.

Social media is essential for marketing today. One of the best ways to improve your social media marketing is to use content creation tools.

We will take a look at some of the best social media content creation tools.

What are the best content creation tools for social media? If you’re like most people, you probably use your imagination.

That might work when you’re creating visual content, but it is less effective when trying to create text.  

Some of the best content creation tools to use are;

21. Hootsuite


Hootsuite offers a web-based social media management tool that helps small businesses manage and measure social media engagement.

Hootsuite’s dashboard consolidates all of your social networks into one location. This allows you to analyze performance, monitor your mentions, and respond to messages in real-time.

It has one of the largest social databases on the market including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Hootsuite’s powerful tool tracks over 100 million blogs and forums for opportunities for you to engage with.

  • Its dashboard enables you to monitor and post messages across multiple social networks.
  • You can schedule and publish to multiple services at once.
  • It allows multiple users to collaborate on the same Hootsuite account.

22. Everypost

Using Everypost you can schedule and publish your Instagram post on Facebook or Twitter.

You can even share your YouTube videos across all of your social media platforms in one central location.

You can also update multiple social media networks at the same time.

So if you post to Twitter, it will be posted simultaneously to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr as well.

  • It works on a phone, tablet, and web browser.
  • It allows you to publish social updates, news, and announcements to up to 15 different networks simultaneously.

Social Media Graphics Design Tools

There are millions of social media graphics out there.

No matter if you’re a blogger, vlogger, or just someone who wants to try their hand at creating a few memes to share with friends; it can be quite overwhelming.

This happens especially if you are new to social media graphics design tools.

Many bloggers tend to opt for the safe option and use free image tools that they can find around the web but not all are worth your time.

Social media marketing is dynamic and evolving, and what can work today may not work in a year.

Twitter announces new features every day. Facebook rolls out new features at the same rate, and Instagram.

With so many changes occurring all of the time, you need to use the right platform.

This allows you to easily update your images and graphics so your social media posts are always fresh and relevant.

Social media graphics design is not as easy as it may sound, but by using the right tools, it can be a task of three clicks.

It’s a really powerful way to bring life and liveliness to your brand on social media channels. Some of the social media marketing tools you should be using are;

23. Canva


Canva is an amazing product. If you have no idea how to create cool design layouts then the Canva social media tool is for you.

It is a software design platform that can be used to create social media posts, business cards, and more.

  • Canva helps you craft professional images that will help increase customer engagement.
  • It allows you to create custom Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram posts.

24. Visme


Visme is a social media tool that allows anyone to create stunning visuals and infographics.

It works without the use of professional design skills or expensive software.

Use it to quickly turn your ideas into professional presentations and reports effortlessly embed, customize, and share.

  • It can create customized videos, infographics, and presentations.
  • You can easily create social media images.

25. Audiense

Audiense - Social Media Marketing Tools

Audiense is a social media solution for companies, who want to start, develop or accelerate their activities on Twitter. The main task is to publish the business news.

In short, Audiense will make your Twitter account efficient and active.

This means that you will be able to reach out to your potential customers and feel the buzz around your company.

  • Ability to effectively manage and scale social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others.
  • It engages customers and helps you identify influencers.
  • It analyzes your brand performance.

Final Note

Social media marketing tools are the perfect means of getting your content out to a maximum audience.

Social media marketing is an efficient and effective way to market your small business, and these days, it’s critical to your success as a business owner.

Using a combination of the aforementioned tools can make it easy to target your customers and grow your brand rapidly.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!

Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!