25 Top PPC Tools for Online Marketers

25 Top PPC Tools for Online Marketers

Are you looking for the right PPC tools to generate more revenue than ever? I guarantee you will find what you are looking for in our collection of the top 10 PPC tools for online marketers.

Pay-per-click (PPC) tools are designed to help you manage and optimize your PPC campaigns effectively. Having the best PPC tools at your disposal is essential to running a successful online advertising campaign.

With many PPC tools available in the market, choosing the right tools for the job can be challenging. Here we present the best PPC tools in 2021 that will give you an edge over your competitors in 2021.

SEMrush – Starting from $119.95/month + 7-day free trial

SEMRush - Best Online Marketing Tools in 2021

SEMrush is a strategic SaaS platform for online visibility management and content marketing.

Where are your competitions? What are their budgets? What keywords do they target? Which media do they use? SEMrush knows.

Key Features of SEMrush

  • Analytics / ROI tracking: SEMrush Analytics / ROI tools are designed to offer more than just insight into the cost of your PPC campaign, but to show you how to minimize cost.
  • Keyword tracking: SEMrush provides an opportunity to track keywords and see your website ranks for these keywords.
  • Campaign management: SEMrush’s campaign management tool makes it easy to create, manage, and optimize your PPC campaigns.
  • Keyword research tools: Discover the best-paid keywords to convert into solidly profitable traffic with SEMrush keyword research tools.

PPC Protect – Starting from $70/month + 14-day free trial

ppc protect logo

Your PPC campaign can’t succeed with fake clicks. PPC Protect prevents invalid clicks to ads by detecting automated clickers and click farms and stops them from draining your budget.

As one of the best PPCS tools in 2021, PPC Protect will help you maximize profit and minimize cost in your campaigns.

Key Features of PPC Protect

  • IP blocking: With PPC Protect’s IP blocking tool, your ads will be shown only on the websites you approved.
  • Activity monitoring: Find out who is really clicking on your ads to make smarter decisions about improving your PPC performance and preventing your ad accounts from suspicious activity.
  • Advertising management: With a wide range of tools to help you manage your PPC campaigns, PP Protects will help you stay on top and ahead of your competitors.
  • ROI Analytics: Analyze your PPC results to make informed decisions about the cost of your PPC campaigns.
  • Keyword tracking: Find profitable keywords and find out how much you are really paying per click. With this simple tool, you can see keyword opportunities for your business.

Optmyzr – Starting from $499/month + 14-day free trial

Optmyzr Website Homepage Snapshot - PPC Tool for online marketers

Optimize your PPC campaigns faster with Optmyzr, one of the best PPC tools in 2021.

This complete PPC management platform has everything you need to manage your ad accounts across all networks in one place.

Key Features of Optmyzr

  • A/B ad testing: This tool allows you to test ads side by side so that the best one can be chosen with the highest click, conversion, and sales rates.
  • Google Analytics reporting: This feature reveals the most effective PPC campaign strategy based on several factors.
  • Landing page analysis: See how your landing pages are performing with valuable suggestions for improvement.
  • Performance measurement: Optmyzr allows you to track your entire PPC campaigns with just a few clicks.
  • Ads optimizations: This tool ensures that your ads are displayed in the best possible way to attract potential customers.

Google Ads – Freemium

Google Ads Platform

Google Ads is a powerful platform that helps businesses create and manage PPC campaigns across different platforms and devices to drive more website traffic and ensure maximum conversions.

Google Ads’ excellent features make it one of the best PPC tools you need to succeed in your PPC campaign in 2021.

Key Features of Google Ads

  • Paid keyword optimization: This feature helps you optimize your paid ads’ performance to create an effective PPC campaign.
  • Ad creation and editing: Use this tool to create and edit your ads with an easy interface and features that make the creation process fast.
  • Bid optimization: With this tool, you can manage the cost of your ads with ease, helping you save money.
  • Budget execution & monitoring: This feature makes it easy to execute your campaign budget and monitor your ads in one place.
  • Ad and conversion tracking: Track your PPC campaigns across different platforms and measure conversion rates with ease.

Ahrefs – Starting from $99/month

Ahrefs - Best Online Marketing Tools in 2021

Do you want to dramatically improve your PPC campaign performance and save more money by getting rid of high-cost keywords? Ahrefs ensures that.

Ahrefs, which is also a top SEO tool, offers incredibly powerful but easy-to-use tools to help you dominate your competition, save time and money and achieve higher conversion rates.

Key Features of Ahrefs

  • Competitor analysis: With Ahrefs’ competitor analysis feature, you’ll know exactly who the biggest players are and their secrets.
  • Auditing: Get a comprehensive assessment of your PPC performance with valuable suggestions from Aherfs.
  • Keyword rank tracking: Aherfs shows you the position and estimated search volume of all keywords in your PPC campaigns, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Keyword research tools: Find profitable keywords for your PPC campaigns with Ahrefs Keyword research tools.
  • Link management: Monitor and manage your links in one place to improve your PPC performance with Aherfs’ link management tool.

iSpionage – Freemium

iSpionage Website Homepage Snapshot

iSpionage is a comprehensive PPC tool that provides you with insightful data about your competitors.

Using this tool can help you take the competitive edge over your competitors by letting you know how their ads are performing, where you should be directing your ad to dominate your competitors.

Key Features of iSionage

  • Benchmarking: iSionage helps you analyze the best practices of top-performing advertisers and then apply them to your campaigns.
  • Keyword alerts: iSionage shows you the best-performing keywords for your advertising campaigns.
  • Keyword tracking: iSionage’s keyword tracker helps you understand the position of your keywords in search engines and how to improve them.
  • Trend analysis: Perform time series analysis on any data to spot any increasing or decreasing trends.
  • Website monitoring: iSionage website monitor provides an efficient overview of your website with solutions to abnormal practice.

SE Ranking – Starting from $18.6/month + 14-day free trial

SE Ranking Website Logo

SE Ranking is one of the best PPC tools you need to stay ahead of your game in 2021.

As an all-in-one PPC tool, SE Ranking has various instruments for tracking, optimization, analytics, and campaign management that help improve your PPC campaign’s efficiency.

Key Features of SE Ranking

  • Auditing: Save time and money with the SE Ranking auditing tool that provides you with advanced insights into your PPC campaign.
  • Google Analytics integration: Make your life easier with the SE Rankling Google Analytics integration that helps you monitor and optimize all of your PPC campaigns in one place.
  • Keyword research tools: SE Ranking provides you with the essential information of search volume, CPC and difficulty level of keywords to help you make better decisions on your PPC strategy.
  • Keyword rank tracking: To get real-time rank tracking for your keywords, use SE Ranking. SE Ranking helps you monitor your ranking more easily and efficiently.
  • Link management: SE Ranking’s link management feature is an effective way to manage your links in one place.

Optimizely – Freemium

optimizely website logo

Do you need to make some dramatic improvements to your website’s user experience? Optimizely will help you do that perfectly.

Find out the best practices for improving your user experience and optimizing your landing pages with Optimizely.

Key Features of Optimizely

  • A/B and multivariate testing: These tools make it easier to see what works best for your campaign through different experiments.
  • Custom segmentation: Use this tool to arrange your audiences based on information such as location, age, and gender for an effective PPC campaign.
  • Automated program analysis: This tool makes it easy to analyze your campaigns accurately and quickly.
  • Campaign results page: See all the performance of your PPC campaigns in one place with Optimizely.
  • Experiment documentation: This tool helps you store all your experiments so that you can make better decisions.

Opteo – Starting from $97/month + 1-month free trial

Opteo Website Dashboard

Take control of your PPC campaigns with Opteo! Find out which of your keywords or ads are underperforming with Opteo. Opteo has a simple interface and a range of powerful tools to help you get the most from your PPC campaigns.

Key Features of Opteo

  • Ad performance analysis: With Opteo, you can track your ad performance and maximize conversions with actionable insights.
  • Ad writing: It’s super easy to make an ad with Opteo, with no coding knowledge.
  • Keyword bid updates: This tool helps you to bid on profitable keywords without spending much.
  • Budget optimization: Manage your advertising budgets effectively with Opteo’s budget optimization tool.

SpyFu – Starting from $33/month

spyfu website logo

Compare your PPC strategy with those of competitors with SpyFu. SpyFu helps you spy on your leading competition campaign practices.

This detailed information of your competitors’ ads can be used to improve and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Key Features of SpyFu

  • Competitors’ analysis: This tool helps you keep an eye on your competitors’ campaign strategies to improve your strategies.
  • Keyword suggestions: SpyFu provides a list of keyword suggestions to select profitable keywords for your campaigns.
  • Bidding advice: SpyFu provides custom bidding advice for your PPC campaign to ensure that you minimize cost and maximize profit.
  • AdWords templates: With several Adwords templates, you will find the perfect one for your PPC campaign without having to write it from scratch.

Take Away

Considering the ever-changing nature of the digital marketing world, it is better to be updated with current best practices and trends.

Because of this, marketers/advertisers ought to rely on the best PPC tools and get up to speed in 2021.

If you have not yet created your PPC strategy, or even if you have an existing one and are looking for a tool to help you optimize your ads, the above best PPC tools are just what you’re looking for.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!