Product Name: Online Marketing Classroom Review

Money Back: 60 Days Guaranteed and 100% Money Back


Investment: $1497 (Special Offer of $37 as of if you act NOW)

Owner: Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth

Overall Rank: 99/100:

Heads up: This Online Marketing Classroom Review highlights my personal and unbiased opinion of the product after careful consideration of key factors such as personal experience, testimonials of other people that have used the product, and track record of the creator.

1.1 What IS Online Marketing Classroom All About?

The only reason for starting the Online Marketing Classroom, according to the authors was to give business enthusiasts the right foundation on which to build an online business.

Hence, I will be looking at how effective the product has been in helping people realize and achieve impressive degrees of success growing their business online.

The Online Marketing Classroom provides a step-by-step guide on how to grow an online business using the same systems, tools, and assets which the creators use daily to run their own 8-figure business.

Since the Online Marketing Classroom was launched, more than 50,000 people have enrolled in the program – and many of these people have gone ahead to build incredible businesses.

Online Marketing Classroom is a training platform and an avenue to learn more about online marketing to build a successful internet business and make money online.

You can learn to build sales funnels, high converting landing pages, traffic generation, eCommerce stores, email marketing, selling digital products, and lots more.

Steven Clayton partnered with Tim Godfrey and together they created several best-selling internet marketing info products.

The platform also equips you with the knowledge to build a successful eCommerce business from scratch, selling physical products, using the biggest marketplace online:

It automatically grants you access to The Blackbird Suite, the ultimate secret software tool for selling physical products on Amazon with 60 training videos and software.

Online Marketing Classroom Program Target Audience

  • Prospective online business owners- Those who wish to start their own business or build multiple streams of income can register for the online marketing classroom.
  • Successful business owners hoping to grow and expand their business via improved online performance.
  • Online business owners who are performing poorly in running their business are also a major target for the online marketing classroom.

1.2 What you will receive when you sign up for the online marketing classroom membership

  1. Access to Commission Blueprint Evolution
  2. Strategies, training and software tools
  3. The business labs (valued at $9997)
  4. Tutorial, execution plans and cheatsheets (valued at $4997)
  5. Live workshop sessions (valued at $8,497)
  6. Internal training course (valued at over $5000)
  7. The natural earth kitchen case study (valued at $1997)
  8. Private software suite (valued at at least $10,000)
  9. Private community and support
  10. Private case studies

1.3 PROS AND CONS of The Online Marketing Classroom Program Pros

Instant access- After payment, you get instant access to the online marketing classroom. It has two classrooms. The first costs $97 per month and classroom 2 year access costs $1497.High initial investment- The purchase price is a bit high.
No waiting- Once payment is made, the product is delivered. 
No payment for shipping, handling, packing. 
Easy to understand 
Bonus products- The bonus products you can have access to includes; a review template to create and post a review. You also get a lead magnet and banner ads for your website. 
24/7 support- Should you encounter any challenge, you will have access to responsive customer service. 
60-days money-back guarantee- After paying, you can request your money back if you are not satisfied with the experience. However, it has to be within 60 days. 

Online Marketing classroom review: What Would you Learn from Online Marketing Classroom

  • Learn how to start an online business and start earning from it.
  • It gives you access to a private Facebook group and email support
  • Organizes live monthly webinars for training purposes. This introduces students to current online strategies and techniques.
  • Packed with cutting-edge training and in-house software tools to help you get the best financial results from your business.


Online Marketing Classroom Review

Although the cost of the product seems to be on the high side, the ROI and availability of split payment compensate for the huge investment.

Thanks for checking out this Online Marketing Classroom Review. I really do hope that you’ve found what you were looking for.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!