11 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

This piece discusses 11 easy ways to make money online in 2019. Whether you are a student still at the university (in need of a side hustle), or unemployed and not interested in full-time employment- whoever you are- here is where to get the best tips on the latest techniques and strategies on how to make money online.

These online money making tips are relevant and up to date. We will also keep updating the page and adding new ways to make money online based on our experience. Go ahead, stop hesitating, and bookmark this page before you delve into the article.

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1. Google AdSense

AdSense is Google’s ad network that allows website owners to display ads from Google’s network of advertisers in return for money. You can either get paid per impression or via pay per click. An impression is dependent on the number of views your page gets while per click as the name implies means you get paid per click.

Your website must be able to regularly attract lots of online traffic for you to earn anything meaningful from Google AdSense. To get much traffic, you need to provide awesome content.

AdSense Custom Search allows you to display ads alongside search results from your site. It works especially well for sites with much content that visitors may want to search for. On YouTube, you can connect your channel to your AdSense and easily monetize your video content.

2. Online surveys

Taking your time to fill out online surveys can earn you money too. Research companies are constantly in need of people to help them answer their questions to develop, design and market products and services, and this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Your opinion counts a lot for several organizations and they are ready to pay you for your time.

Here are some trusted survey sites you can explore for money-making; Swagbucks, Toluna, Vivatic, etc.

That said, we will leave you to go find out more about making money from online surveys.

3. Search the web

The evolution of technology has created myriads of ways to make money. One of such ways is by searching the web. Yes, that thing you often do for free can start bringing money to your pocket.

Swagbucks is one such site that pays you to search on their website, shop and watch videos. You earn Swagbucks for these activities and can cash out $25 if you earn a minimum of 2500 Swagbucks.

Qmee is another platform that allows you to earn money from searching the web. It is a shopping app that also rewards with cash.

When you install, the app shows results on the sidebar of your browser that you can click on and make money. Another such site is Inbox Dollars that pay you a small percentage of what their advertisers pay just for visiting the website or signing up.

You can also earn from Bing rewards and Microsoft rewards just by searching on the respective platforms.

4. Instagram

Apart from uploading selfies, groupies, and shoe fits on Instagram, you can be raking in money from your audience on the platform. Instagram has opened up to become a kind of e-commerce platform. The picture-sharing platform allows businesses, creative enough, to reach out to the millions of users on the channel.

You can make money on Instagram by selling your products to your audience. While this seems like a very obvious approach, most people do not appreciate the prospects of selling through Instagram and believe that they need to have one million followers before they can achieve this. This is far from the truth. With one thousand followers, you can build authority in your niche and sell your product. It is all about trust.

You can also use Instagram as an affiliate marketing channel, making money from selling other people’s products. Here too, you do not need one million followers. Your best bet is to appeal to particular demography. For example, if you are a student who has many fashion enthusiasts as friends and is a part of your network on Instagram, you can become an affiliate marketer for fashion stores.

Advertising and sponsored posts for relevant brands is also another way to go. Businesses are looking for influencers on Instagram to put out their brand message. You can make money by becoming an influencer and pushing brands through your Instagram page.

You can also leave your personal page and build a business page from scratch creating content and building followers in a particular industry and then employ any of the three ways we have shown you to make money on your Instagram page.

5. Facebook

Facebook is unarguably the biggest social media platform in the whole wide world, at the time this article was written at least. With over one billion users, more than the number of people you can find in most of the countries in the world, Facebook is a force to reckon with, it is the website with the highest traffic after Google.

Do you own Facebook page? You can create a store on your page and sell items at a profit. Your page likes should not just waste.

The tricks to making money on Facebook are similar to those provided for Instagram above- selling your products, being an affiliate, advertising for other businesses or putting up sponsored posts. There is no point repeating tips that have been given. So, let us move on to other ways of making money.

6. Review websites & apps

Another great way to earn money online is by providing feedback on apps and websites. Site and app owners pay to get an objective opinion on their site design, functionality, and content. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and equipment like a microphone. These reviews pay an average of $10 per test, and it is not limited to websites or apps.

You can also review ideas, businesses, user interface and so on. Sites you can sign up on include User Testing, Enroll, StartUpLift, TestingTime, TryMyUI, User feel, Validate, and many others.

7. Kindle eBook

Have an idea you would like to put in a book? This is another great way to make money on the internet. With Kindle Direct Publishing you can reach millions of people on Amazon and earn cool cash.

It is a very easy process that allows you to publish your finished book within five minutes and see it appear within 48 hours on Kindle stores. You have much flexibility with your pricing and earn about 70% royalty on sales. Moreover, it is free to get started.

Several authors have kick-started their writing career with self-publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing, and you should not be an exception.

8. Bitcoin

Bitcoin, reputed to be the potential global currency, is another ripe ground for making money from the internet. One way to make money off bitcoin that people overlook is by creating a blog that gives information on bitcoin. People are constantly looking for information on bitcoin, and you can make money off adverts on such a blog.

Another method is to mine bitcoin. You can create new blocks on the bitcoin ledger and earn bitcoins by growing the bitcoin community.

You can convert the bitcoins you have earned into your local currency and smile to the bank. Though bitcoin mining is not something any layman on the street can do, it is not rocket science, and you can learn.

9. No-risk matched betting

Matched betting is a technique with no risk attached that allows you to bet for free or with incentives offered by the bookies and it remains one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Matched betting, if done correctly can bring lots of cash into your pockets daily. It is completely legal and based on mathematical calculations. The way it works is that you counter your bet with another bet, thereby “matching” your initial bet and canceling the risks.

You can learn the nitty-gritty by just searching “No risk-matched betting” and start to earn money from pseudo gambling. We call it “pseudo” because no risk is involved.

10. Amazon

The giant retail platform is fertile ground for thousands of people to make money online only if they know just the right way to go about it. One way is to sell on Amazon. Just figure out what you are selling and set up shop on Amazon. Be sure to do some market research before you dig in.

You can also work as a customer service associate for Amazon from the comfort of your home. Just search online for Amazon virtual job listings and apply away.

You can also join Amazon’s affiliate program to monetize your website. By posting a link to certain products on your site, people who click through earn you some money, and it is free to get started as an affiliate.

11. Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of vendors using the affiliate marketing approach to sell their products. You can make loads of cash by being an affiliate marketer for just about anything, from furniture to real estate to cloud hosting. All you need to do is to up your referral game. You do not even need to own a website; you can sell from your social media accounts or send direct chat messages to potential buyers. You need just the right audience and perhaps a little persuasive skill.

Creative affiliate marketing methods keep popping up by the minute, and you are just a Google search away from what will work for you and maybe make you the next internet millionaire.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!