10 Best Link Building Tools for Bloggers and Content Creators

10 best link building tools for bloggers and content creators

Create more links from the most authoritative sites in your niche and boost your SEO ranking faster with the best link building tools in 2021.

SEO ranking is becoming more competitive by the day. By building links on your website, you tell search engines that your website is popular and should be ranked higher. To do this effectively, you need link building tools.

Link building tools help you gain more traffic, rankings and exposure. They automate the tedious task of finding relevant links to your website and help you manage your backlink campaign efficiently.

Unfortunately, finding the best backlink tools could be a tricky task as there are many tools to choose from in the market.

To save you the stress, we compile the best link building tools you need to stand out from the crowd in 2021.


Ahrefs is one of the best link building tools in 2021 that helps you find out who links to your competitors’ websites and get an insight into what they’re doing right in order to dominate SERP.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer tool will show you all links to a given site, helping you discover linking opportunities and strengthen your link-building strategies.

Why Use Ahrefs?

  • Discover organic traffic
  • Explore domains backlinks
  • Research paid keywords
  • Explore outgoing links
  • Research multiple pages

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Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a link intelligence tool that delivers complete link metrics for any website. It provides the opportunity to sort and filter data based on Domain Authority, Page Authority, and other metrics, all in a user-friendly interface. Compare your site with those of your competitors, uncover opportunities to get links that will boost your search engine rankings with this tool.

Why Use Moz Link Explorer?

  • Research competitor backlinks
  • Discover your broken links
  • Conduct anchor text analysis
  • Find link building opportunities
  • Discover new and lost links
  • Check domain authority
  • Discover domain links
  • Discover top-performing content

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The process of link building depends much on identifying and reaching out to potential link-building partners. With SEMrush’s Backlink Gap tool, you will achieve all that.

This is an all-in-one tool that helps you compare different domains, analyze multiple websites and backlink profiles to explore untapped backlink opportunities.

Why Use SEMrush?

  • Compare multiple domains
  • Analyze websites’ backlink profiles
  • Discover untapped backlink opportunities.
  • Know the domains to target

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Sitting down and doing outreach by hand is hard work. BuzzStream makes it easy. This is a powerful CRM for link-building campaigns in which you can find everything you need to identify, reach out and manage your links.

With BuzzStream, you can effortlessly search for influencers through emails, contact them, and track your outreach over time with ease.

Why Use BuzzStream?

  • Reach out to influencers faster
  • Website and social metric automation
  • Conduct effective outreach
  • Manage your link building campaigns effectively

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Uncover multiple link opportunities that you never knew existed with Linkody. Linkody is a powerful link-building tool with a unique link indexing that enables users to quickly and easily analyze backlinks and find new links for their sites.

Using Linkody, you can get insights about your competitors’ link-building strategy, helping you identify more linking opportunities.

Why Use Linkody?

  • Discover when you gain or lose links
  • Identify and disown bad links
  • Analyze your link profile with multiple metrics
  • Manage all your links and domains in one place
  • Learn about your competitors’ link building strategies

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NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one backlink tool that makes your link-building process easier and, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. With its wide range of link-building features, you have all you need to identify, reach out and manage link-building opportunities effectively and efficiently with NinjaOutreach.

Why Use NinjaOutreach?

  • Identify your competitors’ link profiles
  • Discover your broken links
  • Explore guest post link opportunities
  • Discover resource page links
  • Identify expert roundups
  • Discover link roundups
  • EXplore infographic links
  • Discover podcast and interview link opportunities

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Link building has to do with connecting with the right people. However, finding influencers can be time-consuming. BuzzSumo helps you discovers influencers on social media and websites in your niche so that you can easily reach them out. With BuzzSumo, you can also conduct competitor analysis, search and track the most shared content online.

Why Use BuzzSumo?

  • Discover meaningful metrics
  • Identify influencers in your niche
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Conduct content analysis

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Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another great link-building tool in 2021 that gives you a complete overview of your link profile, helping you make more informed decisions about your online marketing. With Majestic SEO, you can also compare competitor backlinks and easily explore their link-building strategies – a massive advantage in building a link profile that stands out.

Why Use Majestic SEO?

  • Check multiple backlinks
  • See a site overview
  • Explore a link graph
  • Find links near you and your competitors

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If you are looking for an advanced link-building tool to reach more potential partners, look no further than Hunter.io! Hunter.io gives you access to the email addresses of the people you need to contact for your link-building campaign. This tool has more than 100 million indexed emails, so you can be sure it has your target audience’s email addresses too.

Why Use Hunter.io?

  • Find bulk emails
  • Find email API
  • Identify link opportunities

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Bonus Link Building Tool


The last but not the least tool on our list that we recommend you also consider for your link-building campaign in 2021 is HARO. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a medium between you and a reporter.

Regularly, reporters visit HARO to find information that they can quote on their media coverage. This is to back their write-ups with facts and statistics.

By registering with HARO, you will be connected with journalists who need your content as a reference. All you have to do is respond to their queries and wait for the inbound traffic to roll in. This makes HARO one of the reliable and successful link-building tools in the market.

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Which Link Building Tools Are Right for You?

Choosing a link-building tool isn’t simple. Either of the above link building tools has features that are only suitable to a particular goal.

What do you want from your link building? Are you trying to acquire more links to your content or grow your business, or is it simply to have more backlinks?

This is important so that you can determine the tool that is best suited for your needs. Once you have decided this, you will know which tool to choose.

Another thing to consider when deciding which link-building tool to use is your budget. Some link building tools are free; others require payment with different features. It is important to know the one that you can afford with a cost-effective solution.

Bottom Line

Developing a solid link-building strategy is key to unlocking the ranking potential of your website. Link building tools provide a quick and easy way to build SEO-friendly links to your website.

The above best link building tools perform many manual tasks that you either don’t have time for or are less interested in.

By choosing the right tool that fits your needs, you’re going to save time, money and effort in building profitable links to your website.

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