How to Use Pinterest for Business Growth in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Pinterest for Business Growth in 2021 - The Ultimate Guide

How to use Pinterest for business growth.

It’s time to strengthen your social media strategy and begin to use Pinterest to boost your business growth. Why?

Research has shown that monthly Pinterest users are more than 442 million worldwide. Every time they log in, the average user of Pinterest spends 14.2 minutes.

With these statistics, Pinterest could be the ideal place to showcase your brand to a dedicated and potential audience.

But how do you succeed in doing so? This guide got you covered. As you continue reading, you will understand:

  • What Pinterest entails
  • The major benefits of using Pinterest for your business
  • The step-by-step processes of creating a Pinterest business account
  • How to use Pinterest to boost your business growth

How Does Pinterest Works?

Use social media - Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network on which individuals can find ideas and inspirations about their hobbies and interests. People go to Pinterest to:

  • Get information, inspiration, and ideas
  • Discover a new thing (such as a new yoga routine, a new product or to learn something new)
  • Plan about purchases, events or milestones, etc.

One simple way to understand how Pinterest works is to reflect on the mood board or your favorite photo album.

Pinterest works through pins, which Pinners used to search and save.

Because these pins can be linked to your website, Pinterest is a great forum to attract potential customers to your business.

Why Use Pinterest?

How to Use Pinterest for Business Growth in 2021

To Increase Visual search

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thankfully, Pinterest is a virtual discovery machine.

Vital information on what a user is looking for is conveyed by visual searches than text searches which can mean better, higher engagement and conversion rates for your business.

To Engage Potential Customers

Engagement is one powerful attribute of Pinterest compared to other social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Pinterest, you find individuals that are excited to post their plans, dream products, and aspirations.

According to research, about 70% of Pinners engaged actively when they visit the site– clicking-through or saving images.

To Discover Trends

Using Pinterest helps you to see what’s trending which will ultimately inform your marketing strategies.

To see what inspires Pinners and look into their minds, follow anyone who follows you.

To position your products and offers, Pinterest exposes you to the important information you need to know today.

To Increase Sales

Pinterest helps you to decrease discovery to conversion steps, making it easier for individuals to reach you directly.

This way, Pinterest visitors are more likely to convert quickly into leads or sales compared to other social media forums.

Basic Pinterest Terminologies You Should Know

Understanding the following basic Pinterest terminologies will help you to explore the potentials of the platform:

  • Pin: A pin is a visual symbol of a commodity on Pinterest. A pin comprises three elements: a picture, a description and a source.
  • RePin: This refers to the sharing of an existing pin to Pinterest which was added by another user to Pinterest.
  • Boards: Boards consist of many pins. A board’s primary aim is to categorize ideas according to topics. So Pins are saved on the boards, making it easy to find your ideas.
  • Secrets Boards: As the name implies, secrets boards, are secret to the public. No one can see your pins unless you invited a person to pin with you.
  • Group Boards: Group boards refer to collaborative boards that are owned by a single pinner. To contribute to the commission, owners can add other users.
  • Save Button: Save button saves your ideas and pins on Pinterest! When you find the pins you’re interested in, just press the red “Save Button” to save them to your boards.
  • Pincodes: These are unique codes you can generate to access your profile and business’s curated boards on Pinterest. When you suggest your boards to pinners, they will enter Pincodes to be taken straight to them.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account?

Do you have a personal Pinterest account already? Then follow these steps to convert it to a business account:

  1. In the upper-right corner of Pinterest, press the drop-down arrow
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Account Settings
  4. Go to Account Settings
  5. Press Convert Account
  6. Confirm that it’s the same email address shared with your personal Pinterest account
  7. Press Continue
  8. Verify your website
  9. Sort out your boards

You don’t have a personal account? Don’t worry. Follow these steps to create a Pinterest business account:

  1. Click the Business tab at the top of the Pinterest Home Page
  2. Press the Sign Up Button
  3. Put your email address, password, and age
  4. Press Create Account
  5. Provide your business details
  6.  Choose your brand focus
  7. Choose your business type
  8. Specify if you will intend to run

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to get started.

How to Use Pinterest for Business Growth? 9 Practical Ways Grow Your Business.

Easy ways to use Pinterest for business growth

1. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

While setting up your business profile on Pinterest takes only seconds, that doesn’t mean you can stop there.

Pinners should be able to get a better picture of what your business is all about and what kind of content they can expect from you as they look at your profile.

So, start by optimizing your profile to accurately represent your brand value if you’re going to exploit Pinterest for your business. This involves:

  • Getting a unique business logo in your profile image and optimizing it based on the Pinterest guidelines for photo size
  • Creating an eye-catching cover picture showing the style of your brand
  • Writing an accurate brand description that informs your followers on what to expect
  • Featuring your brand URL
  • Including “Featured boards” to give pinners a hint on what your business has to offer.

2. Optimize Your Pinterest Board Titles and Descriptions

Unique art on Pinterest is the creation of common Pin Boards.

Organize your boards in a way that will make sense to your guests so they are invited to explore a little longer.

For your descriptions, ensure that you use keywords that are important to the board or picture.

Avoid the temptation of engaging in keyword saturation as the algorithm would capture it.

It’s so important to note that a good description on Pinterest provides two major benefits for your business:

  • It helps your audience know your value points
  • It allows you to rate by keywords

3. Verify Your Website

Like other social media platforms, you can take information from your website to nurture more targeted Pinterest campaigns.

With the Pinterest plugin on your website, you can also link your visitors to your Pinterest business account.

So connecting your website and Pinterest business account is a great strategy for growth.

Follow these simple steps to verify your website on Pinterest:

  • Go to your profile page
  • Type your website name in “Website”
  • Press “Verify Website tab”
  • Copy and paste the displayed Meta tag to your website

4. Create Multiple Boards Related to Your Brand

By creating multiple boards on Pinterest, you provide your business more chances to draw the attention of your audience.

Multiple boards are the boards that will first appear to your audience and the ones they are most likely to click on.

Here you’re given the chance to pick what your viewer sees first on your profile, so ensure you don’t abuse this opportunity, choose boards that:

  • Generate traffic
  • Represent your brand
  • Showcase your brand before your audience

By having one or two boards with 500+ random Pins, nobody will take the time to look at your profile. Why? Because your profile will look empty. 

However, with multiple and well-arranged boards on your profile that have unique categories, the chances of your audience checking them out are high.

The result is more traffic to your business, and by extension, more sales.

5. Know the Best Time to Pin

If your pin doesn’t show in the Smart Feed, Pinterest learns that it’s not of high quality because you publish it at the wrong time.

If this occurs and repeats more often than not, Pinterest regulates how all your content is perceived.

 Pinning at the right time is not only vital to the progress of your next queued pin but for all your upcoming pins too.

The best times for pinning depend on the preferences of your target group, so you should always look for your particular optimum posting times.

But according to research, the best times to post are 2 PM – 4 PM EST and 8 PM – 1 AM EST on average.

6. Communicate With Your Audience

Pinterest is a social media site. So you’ve to get social to tap into its potential.

Pinterest encourages users to engage in direct messaging with each other. To exploit this opportunity for your business growth, ensure that you:

  • Get in touch with pinners who liked a commodity after purchase
  • Create a group conversation with supporters who are like-minded to help them interact with each other and your brand on topics of common interest

7. Appreciate Your Audience

Appreciating your audience on Pinterest will also boost your business growth.

If you see someone repinning your pin, make an attempt to go to their board and message them saying “thank you” for repinning.

Even though this technique is often overlooked by businesses on Pinterest, it might get you some fantastic engagement with pinners by doing so. Let it be part of your marketing strategy to:

  • Send a personalized message to your followers for re-pinning one of your pins
  • Give customized gift cards or coupons to star re-pinners and get them on your platform to do business

8. Optimize Your Pinning

Optimizing your pins is so important to your business growth on Pinterest.

Optimizing your pins only demands critical thought such as:

  • What are you pinning exactly?
  • What does your pinning say about your business?
  • Why should your potential customers choose you?

To guarantee all your pins are optimized, answer these questions sincerely.

This is so important because when you pin with a little more mindfulness, you will have additional chances to develop your business on Pinterest.

9. Focus on Pinterest Analytics

One of the newest and most awesome features of Pinterest for business accounts is Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest analytics gives you access to substantial monitoring information about your business account.

This will help you to analyze your tactics and content performance, to continually enhance your marketing strategies.

By constantly tracking your engagement on Pinterest, it will help your business to recognize which types of content share better on the platform specifically with your targeted audience.

As a whole, Pinterest analytics will greatly:

  • Shape your marketing strategy
  • Help you know what you’re doing right or wrong
  • Minimize cost and risk for you

Take Away

If you were previously scared about how to create your website, not anymore.

By now, you know enough what is involved in creating a website.

You now have an idea of the purpose of your website, your target audience, the layout and design of your website, your competitors, your domain name, and how to prepare your content. 

Hopefully, you’ve also learned all the steps of creating your website and the best tips for managing your website.

Now that you learned all of this, it’s time to start creating your website.

If you have any questions or need further clarification in the process, please feel free to comment.

Our mission is to help you claim your online presence without stress.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!