How to Increase Website Traffic By 500% In 34 Days


Ways to Increase Website Traffic

One of the biggest challenges of many businesses and “SEO specialists” is how to increase website traffic and leads for their businesses or clients from the internet which can only be achieved if your pages land on the first page of Google.
Below are simple strategies to get your pages to the first page of Google for relevant keywords in 34 days.

DAYS 1-2 – Make Your Website URLs SEO-Friendly

I’ve seen unimaginable links on the web like this: Category.aspx
Why does your URL matter for SEO?
Search engines, especially Google uses URLs to help them figure out the topic of your page and the easier your URLs, the better your pages will rank on Google and on other Search engines.


DAYS 3-6 – Use Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

Use long-tail keywords in your content to compete for Google’s first page.
For example, you’re more likely to quickly rank on Google first page for the keyword “SEO experts in Winnipeg Canada” than “SEO experts”
To Increase your website traffic by over 500% in 34 days, you should perform a comprehensive keyword analysis of your content and update your keywords accordingly.

DAYS 7-10 – Use Latent Semantic Indexing to Your Advantage

LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) are simply keywords related to the topic your page is about. They include not only just synonyms but other words that often occur when a certain topic is written about.

  • Use different related keywords at random points in your article

DAYS 10-12 – Front-Load Your Title Tag

This is a trick I learned from Brian Dean of Backlinko.
Google puts more weight on the words found at the beginning of your title tag. You can see this by inaction by searching for competitive keywords on Google.
As you can see, most pages that rank for competitive keywords strategically place their keywords at the beginning of their title tag.
For example, let’s say you wanted to rank for the keyword “weight loss tips” and you had two headlines to choose from:
Headline #1: Weight Loss Tips: 10 Strategies for Shedding Pounds Or
Headline #2: How to Drop 10 Pounds With These Weight Loss Tips
Google would see the first headline as MORE about the topic of “weight loss tips” than the second one.
Because the keyword is at the beginning of the title tag. So you’d want to go with headline #1.
Source – Backlinko 

DAYS 12-16 – Create 10 Skyscraper Content

Is there anything common to the search results on the first page of Google for the keyword?
Yes, they all start with a certain number e.g. “27 ways to increase…” & “25 ways to increase…”
To use the skyscraper approach, then you should do the following:

  1. Carry out a comprehensive keyword analysis of your website
  2. Google your keywords
  3. If you find the number 1 link to say something like “27 ways to increase…” then double it to “54 ways to increase…”.
  4. Watch your page rank and your traffic

DAY 17 – Allow Your Users to Review or Rate Your Articles

Search engines, including Google, are always out to find the best content for their users.
One of the things that show how relevant your content – rating/review.
NB: CMS programs such as Joomla and WordPress has simple plugins that can be installed to add rating/review functionality to your with a few clicks.

DAYS 18-21 – Use Outbound Links in Your Articles

Keyword optimization isn’t enough for page authority.
Search engines consider pages with links to other relevant/important reference(s) to be more authoritative and relevant.
Find other authoritative web pages in your niche and link to them from your content.

DAY 22 – Check Your Website Loading Speed

Have you heard? That website speed is an important ranking factor.
Check your website loading speed and minify your Javascript, HTML and CSS files to improve web loading speed.
NB: Use these Google speed checker to analyze your web loading speed –

DAYS 23 – Add Social Share Buttons to Your Site

Social signal is a key factor to your page authority and your overall SEO efforts.
Adding a social share button for major social networks to your website is a simple way of getting this done.
NB: Make sure your social sharing buttons are prominently displayed on the bottom of your blog posts and articles. They seem to permit a lot better at the bottom of your posts thank in other areas.

DAYS 24-27 – Publish Long Content

Writing web content is not enough but long content is the way to go.
New research shows that the top results on Google front page for any keyword usually have an average of approximately 1800 words or more.
Do you have a page you like to get to Google’s first page? Then write over 2000 word.

DAYS 28-34 – Rank With Backlinking

Getting backlinks from the authoritative website remains one of the biggest ranking factors for web pages.
List 25 authoritative websites in your business niche.
Write four 2000-word content and publish on your website.
Contact the administrators of those websites and ask if they’d like to link to your articles.


The above are simple strategies that I used for my blog and for my other several clients.
For more information on boosting your organic SERP rank, leave us a message on my service page or contact me here

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!