How to Create Viral Social Contents That Will Sell

How to Create Viral Social Contents That Will Sell

You can list 2 – 5 viral social contents in the past year. As a social media marketer or a digital marketer, you also created a lot of content in that same year. Was any of your works part of those viral posts?

In this post, I will be addressing a lot of viral social media concepts and related topics. Ultimately your takeaway will be; learning how to create viral social media Social media content.

Of source, once it is viral, it will sell your brand. Note that there are some other misconceptions on what a viral post is and is not. I will also be addressing that aspect.

You may be an excellent social media marketer, and your content so far has had a moderate engagement.

But maybe you have not had any of your posts really go viral. Well, if you follow through, you will get all you need to make your next viral social media content.

What is Viral Social Content?

As the name implies, viral social media content has had a massive level of engagement compared to others after it was created.

So the post becomes a viral post due to the number of shares it has, the number of likes it has, or the number of views it has.

Usually, it is a combination of all the above mentioned because a viral post is an engaging post, and all such metrics stated above are on the high side.

In the real sense, it is the activities of end-users and subscribers that determine if a social media content will be tagged viral social content or not. A paid-for advertisement, for example, is not viral social media content.

Although it may get all of such engagement as stipulated above, it does not have an organic origin.

For clarity, you may check the table below to see what viral social media content is and is not:

What a viral social media content is What a social Viral social media content is not
A viral content could be a

News update

Controversial puzzle




Viral social media content is not a/an


Paid for post


What Are Social Contents Characterized By

Some attributes characterize viral social media content.

It is important to note that viral social media content is good social media content’ and more hence in addition to the characteristics that I will list here. Every other characteristic ascribed to go good social media content is automatically added.

This is very logical because it has to be good, of course, before it becomes viral. Check out my post on how to become successful with social media marketing.

Viral social media content is characterized by one or a combination of the following.

  1. It is time-bound (short-lived)
  2. It commands attention (massive engagement)
  3. It is either useful or fun to the audience (value)
  4. It speaks to emotions or sentiments (different view)
  5. It is in no way a lie (it is real and true)
  6. It speaks to multiple users at a go (everyone knows about it)

Easy Guide to Create Viral Social Contents

Creating viral social media content, as hinted at above, is just an extension of creating excellent social media content. Hence, if you have not been making good social media content in the past, then perhaps that is the first place to start. Before considering making them viral. First of all, good social media content should be; CONSISTENT, ADD VALUE, STRATEGIC and should have good CONTENT.

Here from Sean Cannell as he explains this in the video below;


It is also important to understand that what makes viral social media content is simply strategy and luck.

The keyword, Luck. Yes, this is because thousands of good social media content have good engagements, good targets, good timing, good strategy, and great potentials to resonate massive engagements but did not necessarily go viral.

Below are strategies you should implore to get yourself on board with creating viral social media content:

  • Select Your Platform Wisely

Various social media platforms exist, and even more are still being created. While you are looking to create viral content on social media, it is important to select the right one.

First, you need to know where your audience is once you have discovered that you focus your strength and resources on that particular platform or a set of platforms.

One important aspect of this first step is to ensure that you have established authority there on that platform.  This speaks again to the point made earlier that you need to be a good social media marketer before your content can create viral social media content.

  • Create Controversial Content

As an authority in your niche and your selected platform, your opinion matters; controversial contents are likely to draw many engagements. For example, posts like; “Facebook Collections Is No Match for Pinterest” Or “Facebook Is More Popular than Bathing.”

  • Divide Audience and Ask for the Favour

Creating posts that draw different Call to action, CTA options is a good way to drive viral content. So instead of a single CTA, you make two CTA to be chosen from. For example, share if you agree with ‘A’ or like if you agree with ‘B.’ Such creative CTA resonate engagements than the usual CTA of Like and share if you agree.

  • Work With Influencers

If you have not built authority yet, your best chance at creating viral social media content is working with influencers. Influencers have a huge audience on their side, which means they can stir more engagement if associated with your content.

  • Select Right Content-Type

Considering that we have seen hundreds of viral social media content in the past. It is not out of place to identify those content types most likely to resonate engagements, which makes content viral. The following are lists of content types that have good potentials of going viral if they are used;

  • A puzzle with multiply way out
  • Memes
  • Short videos
  • Infographics and images
  • Photos were taken unawares
  • Hard facts and histories

Sources of God Viral Social Media Contents

Are you ready to start with trying out the viral social media content thingy? Here are some places you might find some idea or inspiration. Do well to look out for such opportunities and take advantage of them.

  • Popular movies
  • Trending hashtags
  • Tv shows
  • Speeches of top guys


So there you have it, the useful tips to create special content. Remember that luck is a factor in successfully getting viral social content. Make sure to keep trying every always. Your post will fly soon. Have any questions? Make use of the comment section.

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