How to Attract High Networth Real Estate Clients in 2021

How to attract high networth real estate clients

I bet you know that lead generation is central to your business growth?

A study has shown that businesses with good lead generation practices have produced at least 133% more revenue than businesses that do not have good techniques in place.

When you’re looking for an extremely desirable and profitable demographic for your real estate business, look no further than high-income earners.

High-income earners are individuals and clients that want to be heard, identify with a brand, linked on an emotional level – with an ultimate craving for a solution to their desire, need or challenge.

Because this class is less populated and distributed across different locations, how do you make known your brand to them?

Continue reading to find out how to attract high networth clients for your real estate lead generation ad today.

But before then, it’s important to understand the major benefits of doing so.

Why is Real Estate Lead Generation Ads So Important?

target real estate clients in 2021

Qualified Leads

Attracting high-income earners will offer you qualified leads for your real estate lead generation ad.

For your sales funnel, qualified leads are necessary. Qualified leads are also vital when running every campaign.

The Qualification process attempts to obtain all the details you need to reach your lead and adapt your brand to them correctly, improving the chances of a successful conversion.

Natural Transition

The transformation from a stranger to a customer is far more natural when a stranger initiates a relationship with you by expressing an organic interest in your business.

Lead generation ad helps you to attract the right audience for your business who are ready to convert from visitors to leads.

Business Growth

Your business can’t expand without targeting potential clients.

Despite the fact that you can get referrals, such is not enough to boost the growth of your organization the way you want.

You need a reliable means to attract and convert prospects, and that’s provided by lead generation ads.

5 Practical Ways to Attract High Networth Real Estate Clients

how to target high networth real estate clients in 2021


Search engine optimization is a fundamental means of targeting high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

Through SEO, you will get to know the exact keywords high-income earners use when searching about real estate on the Internet.

Your task is to target the keywords and ensure that your website is well-optimized for them.

High-income earners always look for something unique, so long-tail keywords are a good way to concentrate your approach.

You may want to create customized landing pages on your website to target very specific searches, featuring items or services that might be involved in or need a lot of budgets for only high-income earners.

For your brand to have local authority in the digital space is another important thing from an SEO viewpoint.

This essentially applies to real estate where people usually try to buy something that is close to them.

This would mean that you will need to include more geography and season-specific keywords.

Social Media

The use of social media to directly communicate with customers is a powerful means for targeting high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

Research has shown that at least one social networking site is used by 70% of millionaires, with 55% posting on Facebook.

Indeed, social media is an integral aspect of the decision-making process for consumers in which wealthy buyers actively use social media sites, with 99% visiting social media platforms and investing about 90 minutes a day on them.

This data suggests that there is a large amount of high-income earners waiting to be fed with solutions on social media, which will impact their buying decision-making process as well.

However, amid the fact that 90% of high-income earners use social media, they are highly cautious about who they want to associate with and the sensitive details they are able to share.

This is why it becomes important to cultivate and establish trust before communicating.

LinkedIn is a key channel used by high-income earners for information about investment and professional connections.

Quality Content

Another major means for targeting high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad is content.

You usually develop content to offer valuable, free information to visitors using CTAs.

The happier a guest is with your content, the more likely they are to click and switch to your landing page with your call-to-action (CTA).

The foundation of an efficient lead generation campaign is high-quality content. Weak or underdeveloped content will doom a campaign to failure.

But on the other hand, at all levels of a campaign, high-quality content would attract high-income earners to your business.

High-quality content is a means to communicate and attract high-income earners.

To succeed in producing high-quality content, you need a solid marketing plan and a particular consumer identity in mind.

You may pick the most appropriate targeting parameters by learning and recognizing this identity.

High-income earners want to see what they are searching for on your site, and they want to easily find it.

They are likely to be confused and move on to one of your competitors if your site is full of keywords that you rate high but have little sense.

Be sure that each page, as well as your overall site, has high-quality content relevant to the title of the page and your business as a whole.


Pay-per-click is another powerful means to target high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

PPC is an Internet advertising model used to boost website traffic.

This is a cost-effective approach that allows you to bid on keywords and pay only when your ad is clicked by a consumer.

Any user that clicks on your PPC ad will be directed to a landing page on your website.

With a PPC ad, you can match a commodity with a customer, in the expectation that it will be bought, either on the spot or after a little funnel dance.

However, if the customer can’t afford your product, then their click won’t become a valuable one, however skillfully you cater to them.

PPC also gives you the opportunity to use income targeting to reach the high-income earners for your real estate campaign.

When looking for information about your industry, goods, or services, you will also decide which keywords prospective clients are searching for.

Then you can bid on these keywords to get your ad in front of your prospective customers.

PPC helps you to put advertising on search engine results in pages (SERPs), other websites, and social media platforms.

It’s important to note that your PPC campaign’s efficacy depends heavily on a smooth flow of users, as well as your target keywords, budget, and a few other variables.

Multilingual Website

Enterprises are investing in the localization and translation of their websites to increase their audience base.

If done professionally, a multilingual website will help you target high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

It’s so significant to provide access to your site in the native language of your customer.

High-income earners want to feel relaxed and connected with the brand they make business with.

Translating your website would make it attractive and more welcoming to your target location.

Linking to customers involves speaking their words.

To target the many non-English-speaking high-income earners around the world, you should try making your website multilingual and optimizing for keywords in a range of languages.

When producing content in multiple languages, there are a few different scenarios:

  • Multiple languages covering the same region
  • Multiple languages covering no particular nation
  • Multiple languages covering several nations

It’s crucial to decide on which of these fits your target customers in order to make the right decision.

Still Not Sure How to Attract High Networth Real Estate Clients to Your Business?

Most businesses are now focused on lead generation advertisements because they can easily turn their leads into clients.

Although in theory, lead generation appears simple, it’s certainly not easy to successfully implement. 

For many businesses, lead generation appears to be an immense source of challenges, with 63% of them calling it out as their greatest marketing problem.

However, lead generation ads don’t have to be difficult for any business by knowing the top secrets.

Hopefully, you’re now informed on the best ways to target high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

You’ll need to shift to targeted campaigns that are expressly tailored and impactful to catch the interest of this customer segment.

By putting the above approaches into practice, you would find it easier to target high-income earners for your real estate lead generation ad.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!