Greengeeks Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review
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Greengeeks Web Hosting Review: Is Greengeeks the Best Web Host for my Website?

We can all agree that site hosting is a necessary aspect of setting up a website and making it accessible for visitors.

However, what we cannot agree on is that all web hosting services are the same.

While I will be discussing how these hosting services differ, I will use the Greengeeks web hosting review as a case study.

Here you will get to know why or not you should select Greengeeks as your web hosting platform.

Scope of the review

In this review you will get to understand;

  • What makes the Greengeeks Hosting services stand out and the metrics that were used to arrive at such conclusions.
  • The key deciding factors (including Pros and Cons) of the Greengeeks as a hosting platform.
  • How other hosting companies pose as a better alternative or not for web hosting services.

At the end of this post, you will grasp an in-depth understanding of how good the Greengeeks hosting service is.

Greengeeks Web Hosting Product Summary

Greengeeks web hosting offers web hosting for various types of businesses or brands that require a variety of web hosting specifications. The web hosting services alongside their description and pricing are listed in the table below.


Webhosting services




Shared web hosting

This is a shared Hosting service where subscribers get to share both resources and storage space with others on the same server.

Starting at $2.49


WordPress Hosting

This is specifically for hosting WordPress sites. Although WordPress can site can also be hosted in any other hosting platform discussed

Starting at $2.49


VPS Hosting

This is an advanced shared hosting with a number of resources not shared as obtainable in the shares hosting service.

Starting at $39.95


Reseller Hosting

This is meant for business owners who resale or further offer web hosting services to others.

Starting at $19.95

Each of the following web hosting services has different packages that have different specifications. Such specifications include;

Greengeeks is one of the best web hosting platforms. Some key features of the platform are:

  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • LiteSpeed Web Super Cache
  • Cloudflare
  • AWStats (for checking website user metrics)
  • Multiple Data Centers in Chicago, Montreal, and Amsterdam
  • 100% Green
  • Very affordable
  • GIT Version Control.

Greengeeks Web Hosting Stats

Summary of Greengeeks Web Hosting Reliability and efficiency (pros & cons)

As a summary, our verdict on the Greengeeks web hosting service is as follows

  • Eco-friendly platform
  • Multiple numbers of dater centers
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Subscription Upgrade at any point in time
  • 9% server uptime
  • Not clearly spelt out TOS
  • Unfortunately, Greengeeks fails to make a reminder notification upon monthly repayment due
  • Renewal Vs starting rate is high as compared to other hosting services

Greengeeks Review scoring metrics

The scoring metrics for Greengeeks were based on a comparison of what they claim to what was actually offered. Below are some of the factors that contributed to the review of the Greengeeks Hosting service;


The speed offered by Greengeeks is topnotch. This speed is made possible owing to the usage of the latest Speed technologies such as; SSD HARD DRIVES, LITESPEED & MARIADB, LSCACHE, FREE CDN, HTTP3 / QUIC ENABLED, PHP 7 ENABLED.

We checked the speed and the average speed turns out at 480ms


So far, Greengeeks have lived up to their claim of 99.9% server uptime. From my experience using the platform, they have sometime even get up to 100% uptime as the average uptime in a month. And this server uptime performance is one of the aspects that website owners look out for, in the quest for reliable Hosting service.


Greengeeks have been offering web hosting services for about 13 years. And their history of participating in the web hosting industry dates even beyond this period.

This particularly is with the history of the Founder of Greengeeks, Trey Gardner who has been in the field of web hosting with eight different web hosting companies, including Lunarpages, StartLogic, Globat, HostPapa and Dot5Hosting. This level of experience in the industry gives them an edge in terms of expertise.

Although, other top web hosting companies have long years of experience. Companies like Hostinger and Blue Host for example. Godaddy even dates as far back as 1997.


Greengeeks currently serve Over 50000 customers and 600000 websites and they are a multinational web hosting company with their server located in different parts of America and also in Europe.

Their recent creation of a new data center in Canada has proven that their intention is to reach even more customers and offer greater reliable service.

Currently, their servers are located in 5 Locations:  Chicago, US; Montreal, CA; Amsterdam, NL; Toronto, CA; Phoenix, US; Chicago, US. As a multinational like they claim, having their data centers evenly spread across other than being concentrated in America and Europe could be better.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Apart from all I have to as about the Greengeeks hosting service, others who have made use of the Greengeeks web hosting service have a whole lot to say.

Majority of such review results in pass mark for the Greengeeks team. Some of such reviews are as follows;

Fifth Horseman, US

5 stars: Excellent

Mar 7, 2021

A better alternative than the others.

I didn’t use GreenGeeks to the fullest extent other sites likely have, but they had good support and little downtime.

The price is a bit higher but the quality of service is higher as well. I have ceased service because my site wasn’t necessary, but I’d have no concerns returning to them for hosting in the future.

Mau Ri, DE

1 star: Bad

Oct 19, 2020

I’m trying to cancel their services, it’s impossible

I’m trying to cancel their services for almost 2 years. They make it difficult for the creation & team update of cancellation. You need a lot of time to cancel services.

They save your credit card number and don’t let you delete it. So until your credit card expires, you will be charged.

John, US

5 stars: Excellent

Aug 24, 2020

Green Geeks provides great service.

We have been with Green Geeks for many years, they keep me informed of any information that I need to know. The site runs smoothly. They have been responsive to all my inquiries and are pleasant to work with

Lynn Coady, US

5 stars: Excellent

Apr 3, 2020

I work with many hosting companies…

I work with many hosting companies chosen by my clients. None have the Chat Support depth like Green Geeks. Most just “open a ticket.” Green Geeks stays with you until the problem is solved most often with no hand-offs.


Greengeeks claim a 24/7/365 Support service. They have tried to make this possible owing to different platforms they have made available to reach them, they offer live chat, support email and robust frequently asked question sessions on their website.

Greengeeks Web Hosting Stats Table

Support Queries

Security and Backup Services

Greengeeks claim high security and regular backup services and their strategy to achieve this include: ACCOUNT ISOLATION






How to Effectively Make Use of Greengeeks – Step by Step Guide

If you have decided to make use of Greengeeks as your web hosting platform, you should follow the following simple steps to get you started.

  1. Decide on The Package You are Willing to Purchase

First, you need to decide what your business represents and the magnitude of hosting resources your business website requires. If your business is just starting up, it may not require a large resource utility.

Therefore, shared or WordPress hosting may be appropriate. Refer to the list of packages above to help you decide

  1. Create an Account and Purchase Your Hosting Plan

Once you have decided on the plan to purchase the next step is to create your Greengeeks account, visit the Greengeeks website, Navigate to account, create an account.

Provide necessary information and get your account verified. And purchase your plan

  1. Make Sure That Your Domain is Pointing to GreenGeeks

If you registered your domain with Greengeeks this will be automatically done.

If however, you purchased from another platform, you must follow the following steps to point to GreenGeeks.

Log into your domain registrar’s portal and set the following Nameservers:

For European Accounts:

Nameserver 1: (

Nameserver 2: (

For Other Accounts

Nameserver 1: (

Nameserver 2: (

  1. Log In and Get Familiar With Key Aspects of the Dashboard

Login for the first time to your Greengeeks dashboard and get comfortable with the features and various segments of the dashboard.

Understanding the dashboard is the first step to any other task on the Greengeeks platform. With the dashboard, you will be able to build, manage, and create your online properties.

Below is an image showing the different aspects of the dashboard and their uses are listed below

  1. Setup Your Website, by Either, Installing any CMS or Uploading Your Custom Site Files in the FTP

How to Install CMS (WordPress on others)

Scroll down to the Softaculous section and use the one-click install ability to install WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or any of the other one-click available apps

Greengeeks Web Hosting Dashboard

Creating a website with CMS

For step by step guide on how to set up Email in Green geeks, as well as setup FTP visit t the Greengeeks and contact their support department for details.

Who Should Make Use of Greengeeks

GreenGeeks provides for every category of Webmasters and website owners.

However, statistics show that most customers make use of the shared hosting and CMS hosting options.

This suggests that a greater percentage of the Greengeeks users are is a smaller business and those that are just starting out.

However, they also provide hosting for ecommerce websites. But again, you must determine what your business and website require before selecting Greengeeks as your hosting platform. In all, Greengeeks can be used by anyone.

Which Green Hosting Measures Up With Greengeeks

A number of other Green hosting Platforms offer similar incentives as GreenGeeks does. While some others even offer more affordable plans.

In terms of pricing, only companies like A2hostng offer the same $2.49 as starter plan, while iPage however offers the least, by giving a super promotional discount of $1.99.

Dreamhost and others however offer higher rates. GreenGeeks is quite new, as other hosting companies like Dreamhost, iPage and A2 hosting Dates as far back as 1996, 1998 and 2001 respectively.

Below are details of similar Green hosting platforms that measure up with Greengeeks.


Hosting platform

Key offerings

Starter plans

Years in the industry


A2 Hosting

Anytime, money-back guarantee, with a very affordable starter plan,





99.98 % uptime performance with 100% renewable energy match for new customers





Known for offering super promotional discounts





a free domain name, free SSL certificates, free site transfer etc.





99.97% uptime, 30 to 90 days money-back guarantee





Offer a bigger amount of space storage. (value for money)



Key Deciding Features for Greengeeks

The Following are key decision-making factors for selecting GreenGeeks as a Web hosting partner;

Affordability:                            Starter plan of $2.49/month

Speed/reliability:                       Average Loading Speed of 480 ms and Uptime of 99.99%

Support Contact:                       24/7/365

Sustainability campaign:            300% power offset with renewable energy

What Are The Other Options available?

If GreenGeeks does not have one or more of what you require as a hosting company, the following and those mentioned above are some other hosting services you can also consider;




IONOS 1 &1 Hosting


So, do we recommend GreenGeeks as a hosting platform? The answer is yes. In as much as they may have some downsides, they still remain of the best operating Green web hosting platforms.



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