#17 World’s Free Best Free SEO Tools To Instantly Improve Your Website Ranking

Best Free SEO Tools

Update your toolkit with the best free SEO tools in 2021 today!

The search engine optimization world is ever-changing. What worked well a year ago may not be as effective today. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and best practices.

There are many free SEO tools you can use to drive traffic to your site. But how do you choose the one that’s best for you? To help you make the right decision, we compile the best SEO tools to help you stay ahead in this competitive industry in 2021.

  • Ahrefs – Starting from $99/month

Success is nothing without the right tools for the job. Ahrefs gives you what you need to take over search, from finding new keywords to discovering link-building opportunities and more.

Key Features of Ahrefs
  • SEO auditing: See how your website performs in terms of its on-site technical SEO, such as speed, security, social signals and more.
  • Keyword suggestions: The Ahrefs keyword explorer shows you keyword suggestions from multiple sources and suggests the best keywords for your keyword list.
  • SERP rank tracking: See how search engine results pages (SERP) change over time and how to best optimize your site ranking.
  • Link building: Discover what sites link to your competitor’s pages, then reach out to potential link targets and build links to your website.
  • Competitor analysis: See your competitors’ SEO strengths and weaknesses so that you can stay ahead of the curve.
  • KWFinder – Starting from $29/month

KWFinder helps you locate long-tail opportunities with low SEO difficulty, helping you focus on the profitable keywords that matter to your site and rank above your competition.

Key Features of KWFinder
  • The bulk upload and review: You can bulk upload and review all of your keywords in one place, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.
  • Keyword look-up: Discover search volumes, CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty on a keyword with KWFinder.
  • Domain look-up: KWFinder’s domain look-up feature reveals other sites’ keyword positions to improve your SEO strategy.
  • List creation: KWFinder helps you create and analyze lists of keywords that are specifically relevant to your website.
  • Mangools tools: Research, review your competitors’ backlinks profile and track keyword ranking with KWFinder.
  • Long Tail Pro – Starting from $14.8/month

For long-tail keywords research, Long Tail Pro is all you need. Long Tail Pro helps you find profitable long-tail keywords to your site without wasting time, bringing you more traffic.

Key Features of Long Tail Pro
  • Keyword research: Long Tail Pro helps you find the most relevant keywords to your website, helping your site stand out in search results pages.
  • Keyword suggestions: Long Tail Pro gives you keyword suggestions that you should rank for each keyword.
  • Keyword competitor analysis: View your competitor’s keyword list, then use their strategy to outrank them in SERP.
  • SERP analysis: Long Tail Pro provides keyword data for sites in search results pages to help you find profitable keywords.
  • Ranking monitoring: Long Tail Pro allows you to monitor rankings for specific keywords so that you can stay on top of SERP.
  • SEMrush – Starting from $119.95/month + free trial

SEMrush is one of the best free SEO tools in 2021. SEMrush reveals information about the different keywords your competitors are ranking for and allows you to track your keywords’ progress, boosting your SEO ranking.

Key Features of SEMrush
  • Site audit: Get a full picture of your site’s health with SEMRush’s site audit tool. It covers every aspect of your site’s SEO performance.
  • Keyword research: See the search volume, cost per click, competition and pay-per-click for a given keyword on SEMrush.
  • Competitor analysis: SEMrush gives you insight into your competitors’ SEO strategies, keywords, and traffic sources to rank above them.
  • Rank tracking: SEMrush’s rank tracker tells you how your website ranks on search engine results pages against your competitors.
  • Link building: SEMrush brings your link building up to speed. With SEMrush, you can see any reference to your site and ways to generate links.
  • SEO PowerSuite – Freemium

SEO PowerSuite one of the best free SEO tools in 2021. SEO PowerSuite is a combination of four essential SEO tools in one package. These are:

  • Link-Assistant
  • WebSite Auditor
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO SpyGlass

These four tools focus on different but essential aspects of SEO that help increase your SEO ranking, improve your link popularity and optimize your website.

Key Features of SEO PowerSuite
  • Rank tracking: SEO PowerSuite helps you track your website’s performance in search engine results pages with ease.
  • Backlink research: This tool helps you find opportunities to increase your backlinks with no stress.
  • Website auditor: SEO PowerSuite helps you analyze your on-page SEO problems and find the best solution to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Competition research: SEO PowerSuite helps you perform thorough competition research to find your site’s most valuable keywords.
  • Link management: SEO PowerSuite link management tool makes it easy to manage your website’s link base.
  • SEOPress – Freemium

Building a website is one thing, but having it rank on the front page of search engine result pages (SERP) is another. SEOPress is one of the best SEO tools in 2021 that helps rank your WordPress site on the first page of SERP with ease.

Key Features of SEOPress
  • Installation wizard: SEOPress eases your WordPress plugins’ installation and provides an improved user experience for your site.
  • Content analysis tool: SEOPress helps you analyze your content with valuable insights on how to rank on search engines.
  • Google analytics tool: With its Google analytics tool, SEOPress helps you track your website traffic and suggests ranking opportunities.
  • Broken link checker: See statistics about the number of dead backlinks on your site with SEOPress.
  • Backlink tool: Start building backlinks to your site with the SEOPress backlink tool that helps you discover backlink opportunities in no time.
  • SERPStat – Freemium

SERPStat is one of the best free SEO tools in 2021. Find out where you stand, where your competitors are and stay ahead of changes in the search engine rankings with SERPStat.

Key Features of SERPStat
  • Keyword research: How do you choose which keywords to target? SERPStat lets you see which profitable keywords that will increase your SEO ranking.
  • Competitor research: With SERPStat, you can have all the information needed to beat your competitors on search engines.
  • Backlink analysis report: SERPStat allows you to collect the necessary backlinks data efficiently, analyze it using the backlink analysis tools, and use the information to enhance your link-building strategy.
  • On-page audit: SERPStat helps with an on-page audit to optimize your website for better SEO ranking.
  • Rank Tracker: Measure the effect of your SEO efforts with the SERPStat Rank Tracker.
  • Surfer SEO – Starting from $49.2/month, $1 7-day trial

Wondering how you’re doing in the SERP? Wondering if there’s a new opportunity to improve your ranking? Surfer SEO does all the hard work for you, finds the best SEO keywords, and suggests how to improve your SERP rankings.

Key Features of Surfer SEO
  • Keyword research: Surfer SEO enables you to find the best keywords for your website. It helps generates profitable keywords, suggests keyword variations and checks existing rank placement of your keywords.
  • Content analysis: This tool gives you an insight into your content’s performance and suggests ways for improvement.
  • Content editor: Craft your perfect content with Surfer SEO’s easy-to-use content editor tool.
  • SERP analyzer: Surfer SEO’s SERP analyzer gives you a comprehensive analysis of search engine result pages and helps you increase your SEO ranking.
  • SEO audit: Surfer SEO provides you with an SEO audit that helps you measure and improve your site’s search engine performance.

Take Away

The SEO world is growing every day. With many free SEO tools available, it can be tricky deciding which one to choose.

For now, the above tools have proven to the best free SEO tools in 2021 based on expert recommendations, proven results and overall popularity.

You will save time and cost by using these free SEO tools to instantly boost your site traffic and boost SEO ranking.

See you at the top!

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