Best Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business Email Marketing Tips for Best Results

Have you recently started your email marketing journey as a small business? Or perhaps you looking to venture fully into email marketing after some basics?

Well, in this post I will be guiding you through how to set up for email marketing and also provide you with winning email marketing tips on how to craft emails that will drive results. If you care you could check out my post on Digital marketing Mistakes to avoid.

I have provided also some email marketing blunders to avoid in that post. But here in this post, you have a comprehensive guide to successfully run your email marketing campaigns as a small business in 2021.

In actuality, to become successful in email marketing as a small business in 2021, your need to be very experimental with your campaign, you need also to check the starts and you need to play by all the laid down rules

It may interest you that email marketing is very effective and even beneficial to small businesses when compared to other digital marketing. In that, it helps build a profound relationship with customers. Making it a very important aspect of the marketing journey for Small businesses in 2021.

Cutting Costs is One of the Email Marketing Tips

Going by the stats, in an effort to cut costs, more than half of small businesses implore the skills of employees to carry out digital marketing as an extra duty to their existing roles. This is going by a survey made by the manifest blog. The have it that;

In an effort to cut costs, more than half (63%) of small businesses rely on in-house employees who work on digital marketing along with their additional responsibilities.

Only 16% use in-house digital marketers whose sole role is digital marketing.


This is not far-fetched because startups and small businesses will always want to cut costs on investment to generate bigger ROI. And of course, you will get to understand this in the next section which explains why email marketing is very beneficial to small businesses.

Email Marketing Benefits for small businesses

Before we kick off with the tips on email marketing you may want to check out why of courses the digital marketing strategy is the best for small businesses.

Benefits of email marketing for small businesses


  • Very effective Strategy

No doubt Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to implore. To make it better, if you compare the budget for Email marketing with another strategy it is evident that email marketing is the way to go for small businesses.

Neil Patel of Ubbersuggets has it that for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, companies achieve an average of $44 in ROI. Yea that how effective it could be

  • Easy to measure success

One important aspect of digital marketing is reading analytics, insights and measuring KPI.

Since the aim of email marketing is usually streamlined to one or two purposes per email which are ultimately how the subscribers react to the email or eventually make use of the CTA and convert. It is relatively easy to measure the success of each email marketing campaign. Follow through to the section where I discussed CTA as one of the email marketing tips to consider

  • Widely used Strategy

Amongst all Digital Marketing strategies, Email Marketing is one of the main three strategies small businesses have been identified with the tendency to implore as a start.

Others include Social Media Marketing, Blogging. Hardly will you find any business that has a website with a blog section that does not offer a newsletter subscription.

  • Great Audience Reach

Practically, emails are more likely to be read by your subscribers as compared to social media posts. This is obviously because email marketing is almost like Account-Based Marketing (not exactly).

The point remains that the reach with email marketing is bigger especially when compared to the cost involved in such simple campaigns

How Small Business Should start Email Marketing

One of the major challenges small businesses have is funding, in all aspects, especially marketing. The best way for small businesses to start email marketing is by looking within and check how they can optimize their email marketing campaigns with very little cost.

Of course, that is what this post is all about I have itemizes a list of steps to go about email marketing which is preceding the email marketing tips. See this section as the ‘what’ because the next section will focus on the ‘how’.

Get the Knowledge & Skillset

Considering that this is a small business we are talking about, it is most likely that the email marketing campaigns will be carries out by the in-house employees. If this is the case, then there is a need for acquisition of the skill or improvement/development if the skill already exists.

There are several Useful short courses online for email marketing that can give you the most basic knowledge to set up for email marketing. Some email marketing platforms also offer beginner tips for new customers. You may want to consider this as a facto to selecting an Email marketing platform as will be discussed below.

Organize a Mail List

This is the next thing to do, if you already have a website then this will be easier for you to implement, by simply making available an email subscription form available on the site. This is also obtainable as a feature of email marketing platforms as they offer you a custom newsletter collection template that populates your mail list on their platforms automatically.

All you need to do is place a few codes on your website and that all. If you do not have a website. You can also collect emails by creating a google form or by manually requesting emails and details on your social media platforms.

Select an email marketing tool

What is so special about email marketing than just sending an email to a couple of addresses and placing everyone on Blind copy (BCC)? Well, this is possible but there certain functionality and automation email marketing services offer.

These functionalities will help you drive the kind of engagements and success metrics you need from email marketing as a digital marketing strategy.

There is a free email marketing service as well as a paid-for email marketing service and each of them has varying features to consider before selection is done. I have however outlined a number of email marketing tools below in this post

Kickoff campaigns, Set Marketing goals and check metrics

This is an extension of the first item discussed. Following that upon acquisition of knowledge in email marketing, the next thing to do is kick off your campaign with quality emails by setting goals and further checking metrics and results.

5 Wining Tips for Email marketing for small businesses

Finally, we are here. The 5 powerful tips for a winning email marketing strategy for small businesses in 2021. It is important to note that these tips need to be implemented to suit the kind of audience you are writing for. The majority of the tips listed are in line with projected trends for Email marketing in 2021 and beyond.

1. Develop a strategy

The first of the email marketing tips follow that a good strategy will drive wins for small businesses doing email marketing in 2021. There is a need to develop a strategy for your email marketing. Perhaps the ultimate strategy is to achieve the all-time email marketing rule of sending the right email at the right time to the right customer. In the words of Tim Watson,

The fundamental principle behind email marketing will never change. Send the right message, to the right person at the right time. No brand marketer sets out to send an unwanted email. The difficulty is; to know what the right message is, for whom and when.


Although achieving this above scenario is just in theory and may never be achieved, but Just as hinted in my another post Digital marketing Mistakes to avoid, Subscriber segmentation is a place to start in the attempt to achieve this.

About timing. The only way to achieve this by doing in-depth A/B testing as will be discussed below. The compounded results from the test will give you an idea of the best time to send emails.

For the right emails, the way to achieve this is with the same A/B testing that this again is because there is no right or perfect way to address or convey a message because people react differently to messages. In the next section, however, we will be diving into best practices for structuring a winning email

2. Email Structure is Key

Have you ever heard that you typically have approximately 10 seconds to convince your subscriber to either read to the end of your email or close it at once? Oh yes! It is that short a time. And this is what the second of the email marketing tips discuses

From your email subject to the first paragraph and even the body of the mail, your call to action (if any), plays a vital role in achieving success with email marketing in 2021 as a small business.

In this as part of your education in email marketing as I have recommended in the last section, you must be able to blend with your customer needs. A quick check to pass out each of your email structure will be with answering the following questions;

  1. If it was solely up to the email subject as the only criteria, will my subscriber even open the mail in the first place?
  2. What tone am I going to use while addressing my subscribers and email recipients? What tone is generally suitable for them?
  • Is my email content interactive enough? Can I make my subscriber nod their heads in agreement as they read through? Does the email come to them naturally, and am I making use of Users Generated Content?
  1. Have I done my bit with Call to Action? And how easy is it for my reader to make the action? Are text leading to the CTA natural enough? What anchored text is holds my CTA?
  2. What role has personalization to play in my email campaigns, what my email automation strategy like?

3. Feedback is king

To achieve success in email marketing in 2021 there is a need to work with data. Such data include your email analytic results and A/B testing results. Here are some basic metrics you should consider checking on a regular basis;

S/N Metric Description Email Property
1 Open rate The ratio of Email opened to emails delivered The function of Email Subject
2 Click-Through Rate The ratio of Clicked CTA to the emails delivered Function of CTA
3 Click to Open rate The ratio of Click CTA to successfully opened landing The function of link validity
4 Conversion Rate The ratio of subscribers who clicked a link and completed an action afterward e.g. filling and submitting a form The function of the Landing page
5 Bounce Rate Percentage of undelivered to delivered emails The email address provided by the user

There are more but these are the basic ones.

This part of the email marketing tips is very important. This is because Results from these metrics as well as your A/B testing will help shape your strategy and content in subsequent emails.

4. Make sure to Test

One final thing you will always want to do after creating an email to be sent is to always test the email. Nowadays a lot of automation and personalization’s that drive good customer interactions with emails exist.

Placing the wrong personalization or automation code at the wrong place may become for your brand one associated with bad customer relations. Make sure to send the email to a dummy address and see how the email delivers both on phone and on the PC.

Click through some of the links and see if they open correctly on the appropriate landing pages.

5. Welcome email is almost your only chance

Have it at the back of your mind that you welcome will most likely be the email that will have the best results throughout all your email marketing campaigns. And as a small business, you want to make sure that you take this opportunity to make the best conversion possible. This is because all the metrics are high for Welcome emails. Campaign monitor blog says;

Most customers want to receive welcome emails, and subscribers are likelier to read and make purchases because of these messages. Get even better results by personalizing and automating your welcome emails.


Additional Email marketing tips

Email marketing as a digital marketing strategy should not be done in isolation. Make sure to integrate these tips explained with your other marketing strategies such as Social media marketing, ecommerce, websites and apps as well as SEO. Let a good volume of your CTAs blend with any of the following platforms or strategies mentioned above.

Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

As part of the email marketing tips being rolled out, there is a need to consider a selection of email marketing tools. Selecting an email marketing tool or software Platform should not be all that complicated.

Aside from the fact that to want to select a marketing tool that meets your set goals. The ease of use and accessibility to help and useful resources should also be a factor to consider.

Before giving you the list of email marketing platforms you can select from, you generally want to consider the following factors for choosing a good email marketing tool;

  • Cost and Budget
  • Contact list management
  • Good report on statistics & insights
  • Mobile integration
  • Responsive Email template designs

While there are top email marketing tools, here is a list of email marketing tools that will cater to the needs of small businesses in 2021;

  • Mailjet
  • Sendinblue
  • Moosend
  • Converkit
  • Mailer lite
  • Get Response

The Takeaway

So there you have the key email marketing tips to set up your email marketing campaigns as a small business in 2021.

The key takeaway remains that you have to be creative and experimental in your email marketing journey. Make everything as natural as possible and dance to the tune of your customers’ behaviours using your A/B testing

I hope you gained value reading through this post. Let me know your experience so far with email marketing.

Are there particular challenges to your own type of business? If you have any comments or questions about concepts explained here in this post do well to spell them out in the comment section. As I will be glad to hear from you.

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