Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

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Talk about the fourth industrial revolution, 4IR; you talk about Automation and data accumulation for such automation. Talk about digital marketing. You talk about content and customer psychology.

Digital marketing is evolving. It is only wise that online marketers key into the emerging trends of quality content and useful data to drive correct automation in this online space. The best way to start perhaps is to identify digital marketing mistakes that have consistently been made over time by digital marketers, even as we look to welcome the 4IR fully.

The general most common mistakes made in digital marketing in 2021 are marketing for the wrong set of customers and making online properties complex for the right customers. The way out is to do a deep dive into marketing psychology and providing value for those who actually require value.

A recent CMO survey reveals that up to 56% of businesses focus on digital marketing opportunities as a replacement to their existing models. These statistics account only for those changing. If you also consider those who actually have Digital marketing as their initial model, with the whole complexity that comes with an increase in the digital marketing space, you will see why avoiding Digital marketing mistakes in 2021 is key.

Some Key Digital Marketing Considerations

One major difference between Online and traditional marketing is the ease to re-strategize just by a few clicks and changes. Therefore the digital marketing mistakes I will be sharing are such that you can easily affect their corrections as a digital marketer if actually, you are a victim.

Digital Marketing started over 30 decades ago with email marketing. This follows that so much has gone down in terms of evolution in this space, considering that we have a robust digital marketing platform and opportunities stream.

With the current trends in Digital marketing, we see quickly that what users really want is the ease of getting what they actually require online. Such trends that reflect these needs by customers include; making use of Chatbots, Social Media messaging apps, ease of shopping product online, Artificial Intelligence in marketing, personalization and more.

What Really is Digital Marketing?

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In simple terms, once you are making use of any digital or online-based technology to drive leads and sales, you can say that you are carrying out a Digital marketing campaign. A post on Digital marketing… has been dedicated to helping you understand what digital marketing is all about. However, what is key is that there are various strategies and platforms that you can explore and utilize to achieve or drive these Leads and sales for your business.

If you follow through with this post, I will show you the mistakes made in each of those different digital marketing strategies in 2021.

What Exactly Are Digital Marketing Mistakes?

The description and resources above have given you an idea of what digital marketing is. Now, anything that is not the good digital marketing is bad digital marketing. Simple and short. And their implementations thereof are digital marketing mistakes.

Again Digital Marketing became necessary to help ease customer access to and utility of products online. And be sure that if this is not at the forefront of your strategy, then you are making one of the biggest Digital marketing mistakes.

Deep Dive into 30 Digital Marketing Blunders not to Commit in 2021

You may have found various posts on digital marketing mistakes online. But you will agree that such generalized mistakes may not be practically implemented in various individual online strategies. In this section and the next, however, after we generalize these mistakes, I will be sharing with you different Digital marketing strategies and giving you quick best practices to consider and check for their mistakes if they exist in your digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Mistakes in Content Marketing

1. Not Creating Data-Driven Content

Digital marketers who are not getting the right ROI make the mistake of not having content backed by current and future customer behaviour metrics.

Creating data-driven content involves in-depth research of your content topic or structure related to your customers’ needs before creating them. Three (3) main goals are achieved with the single act of creating data-driven content. These are; successfully targeting the right customers; having a defined Topic; having informed marketing metrics.

Remember that the 2021 customer requires content that meets their need at that particular point in time. Therefore you should not be sold to a customer looking to research and get information about a particular subject or giving out so much literature to a customer who wants to buy.

Here is a quick checklist question to curb this off the digital marketing mistakes list of not creating Data-driven content.

  • How much data/research of customer behaviour on my online property do I have?
  • Have I converted my content marketing goals to a quantifiable metric that can be met?
  • What type of resources best fits this content to be created?
  • Am I creating content for everyone or my specified customer?
  • Do I check the results of my campaign regularly?
2. Neglecting Artificial Intelligence

In 2021, you will be doing the wrong thing if you do not implore artificial intelligence technology into your Digital Marketing strategy. A couple of AI tools for content creation are available in the open market. They have had improvement in the content marketing strategies of digital marketers who use them. In particular, according to Lambda’s blog,

A tool like GPT-3 is a conditional generative model that creates near-human level quality text content. Given the beginning of some article, the model is asked to generate the rest of the story in a word-by-word fashion.

How cool is that? I how are you ready to cross this off your list of digital marketing mistakes?

In Addition to available tools, The SEO Hive Blog has created a detailed post on using the SEO Power Suite, which discussed another AI tool used to create quality content.

Other AI tool for content creation that exists include;  Article Forge, Articoolo, Kafka, Article Builder, Copy Smith, SEO Content Machine, Rytr, Zyro AI Writer,

3. Creating Contents for the Present Alone

A Survey by content marketing institute ( reveals that 94% of surveyed content marketers changed their content marketing strategy because of the pandemic. This follows that digital marketers should not make the mistake of coming late to the party to change content formats or mode of delivery as it suits the prevailing situations.

Pie chart showing the impact of covid 19 on content marketing

Credits: content marketing institute

 It is important to note that this does not in any way negate the effectiveness of an evergreen post. Yes, they do have their benefits too. But moving forward, beyond 2021. The ability to adjust as fast as possible to digital marketing trends that satisfy customer needs will be a major bragging right in the digital marketing space. And in turn, a part of digital marketing mistakes never to worry about

4. Taking Every Opportunity to Sell

Customers want more value than sales. Even if a customer wants to acquire a product or service online, ultimately, it will probably not be the first attempt. Trying to make every page, post and resource a sale tool is the worst of all mistakes in digital marketing. Avoid the mistake of taking every opportunity to sell, especially for situations where you are actually supposed to create informational value.

Imagine getting on the “About page” of a website to see contents that suggest selling products.

A good practice of avoiding the digital marketing mistakes of selling at every opportunity include;

Creating and linking to a creative landing page.

Offering more value on information that compelling to buy

Create a good impression by avoiding so many adverts on the ‘home page’ and ‘about page’ of the website

Digital Marketing mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

5. Ignoring Algorithms and Updates

Ever since the inception of Search Engine Optimization, search engines have regularly updated their algorithms and ranking factors for searches. A study by shows that Algorithm updates are those with the highest reason for websites losing their ranking on SERP.

One mistake you should avoid as a digital marketer in 2021 is basing your strategies on old and outdated ranking factors and metrics. Therefore, a part of digital marketing mistakes you should make sure you a not a victim of is staying in line with the algorithms and updates.

An image of a hamburger chat showing google algorithm updates


While there are different updates over the years, as stated earlier, there is, of course, one major metric that google has consistently uphold. Which is the EAT. (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness). To play on the safe side, you must first;

  1. Check if your content meets the EAT requirements.
  2. Confirm if there is any google update that is related to your content
  3. Check if some of your old content are violating some updated algorithm rules and updates.
6. Sidelining Local SEO Strategy

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic impacted every single business sector all over the world. Digital marketing and, of course, SEO were not excepted as we have seen a significant change in terms of local search listings. It is, therefore, a time to review your local search strategy and cross of Local SEO as one of the digital marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2021 for your SEO strategy.

Moving forward, experts have predicted that Local SEO will be a big deal for Google, and there have been many successes recorded with Local searches, especially in recent times.

7. Ignoring Social Tactics at all Level

Many SEOs think Search Engine Optimization ends with search engines and websites alone. Over the years, we have seen tremendous success reports on how social media have impacted SEO strategy, especially in customer engagement and indirect and direct backlink building.

Social media may not contribute directly to SEO, but records have shown some advantage of incorporating social media into SEO as follows; Makes for Extensive content distribution, Gives longer lifespan to your posts, it Improves online visibility and organic traffic, brand recognition will increase, Brand reputation can be developed, Boosts local SEO. This is according to SEMrush.

8. Building Solely for Algorithm and Google Bots

This is similar to the previous mistake explained. But now in another direction. In digital marketing, it is all about satisfying the requirements of the users and customers, aside from keeping to all the rules of the search engine you are optimizing for. It would help if you observed the behaviour of your visitors while they use your online properties. To avoid this particular mistake. A place to start is by doing a deep dive into your Google Search Console metrics and your Google analytics. With these basic tools, you will get a picture of what your visitors really are looking for

9. Not exhibiting Authority in Your Niche

For all it’s worth, EAT is the all-time requirement by Google for ranking. All algorithm updates and search ranking factors have been centred around the EAT.

One major aspect of the EAT where digital marketers make the mistake of ignoring is the aspect of authority. Moving forward even beyond 2021, website authority will be a big deal. And this is why it is part of the digital marketing mistakes discussed.

You may want to ask; who are those contributing to my blogs? Do they have an equal or similar experience as compared to authors in competitive blogs? How are they exhibiting their level of Authority in that niche?

Digital Marketing Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

10. Making Use of All Social Platforms

As hilarious as it sounds, it is a huge mistake to use social media platforms for a digital marketing campaign. This is for the sole reason that your targeted customers are likely to be concentrated on a particular combination of social media platforms. This is perhaps the same reason for which brands do not use all the available digital marketing platforms for their campaigns.

Factors that affect such selection of digital marketing and social media platforms decisions include the type of product offers and targeted customers’ demography. Make due analysis and research before selecting your platforms.

11. Not Being Consistent

A lot of social media efforts have been laid to waste due to inconsistency with strategies. Most social media algorithms are built such that visitors who have developed an interest in a particular brand or platform will regularly get feed updates of their activities.

In 2021 this method of serving posts will increase. It would help if you avoided the mistakes of being inconsistent with your social media updates. A post from your completion who your visitors have sometimes pick interest will be served instead to them.

The simplest way to curb this is to make use of post scheduling—there such platforms like buffer or Hootsuite that help with scheduling and auto-posting for social media managers.

12. Reacting Badly to Engagements

Social media is a social platform, obviously. Aside from phone calls, most customers are beginning to see the social media platform as the next quickest way to get quick answers to their queries.

Not responding to comments and interactions with your subscribers on your social media platforms is one of the digital marketing mistakes you want to avoid in 2021.

Digital Marketing Mistakes in Email Marketing

13. Not Making Use of Good CTA

Of course, why will any email come without a CTA? While you should consider avoiding the mistake of neglecting CTA in your email, it is equally necessary that you consider the positioning of your CTA, be it a button, an image, an anchored text, or a naked link. Here are some of the best practices to consider when Using CTAs in your email marketing strategies.

  1. Make use of compelling CTA.
  2. Make your CTA as visible as possible. Making use of a button is more appropriate.
  3. Make sure the message is centred on the CTA and provides several opportunities to click.
14. Bugging With too Many Messages

Do not make the mistake of being seen as a bug to your customers. The frequency with which you push your emails out there is fundamental. Your email marketing should not take a YMYL (Your money or your life) approach.

To avoid this digital marketing mistake, you should, of course, study your email marketing insights and metrics to guide how your subscribers respond to emails based on a certain frequency with which you send them. Generally, 1 email per week is just fine.

15. Not Segmenting Subscribers

If your services are being offered to various customers and you have them on your mailing list. One mistake you might want to avoid is not segmenting your subscribers. This is very important because different demography and personas respond differently to different tones of email and messages. This means that you can pass the same message in different formats to different categories of subscribers.

In addition to understanding customers’ engagements to your mails. It is important to make use of A/B testing in sending emails regularly. This involves the deliberate changing of specific parts of your email and checking the response metrics of your subscribers. With these metrics, you will get to know how best to interact with your subscribers moving forward.

Why Digital Marketing Mistakes Will Continue

Digital marketing mistakes will continue in 2021 and beyond because of the sole reason that specialization is lacking. The digital marketing environment is very vast. We have now and then small businesses trying to engage in digital marketing and for almost all aspects. Hence lacking an in-depth background in none.

Considering when digital marketing started and how far it has come, the mechanism with which success is achieved has become very much sophisticated with time. Hence to eliminate mistakes, errors and blunders in digital marketing, there is an absolute need for specializations and trends.

Perhaps your best chance is to hire an expert to help carry out your digital marketing campaigns.

Last Words

Avoiding digital marketing mistakes may not be as hard and tedious as it may appear. The trick to avoiding digital marketing mistakes is understanding customers’ behaviour and engagements, sale funnel, key and standard digital marketing rules and making online properties easy to use by customers. The full package, in summary, is with getting in-depth knowledge and constant practice of giving out value for every digital marketing strategy.

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