Best Web Hosting Canada in 2021, Check it Out!

Best Web Hosting Canada

Making a list of the best web hosting Canada is an easy job, but it’s hard to pick the best.

Most likely, you are searching for the best host provider because you have already tried a few providers.

Also, you think that a change could make your site faster.

If you’ve been looking for a web hosting provider to host your website, then you probably had a hard time finding the right one. 

It’s not as easy as it sounds to find a web hosting service that offers it all, given how many choices there are. 

So you want to know which web hosting company is worth it?

Is there one that offers impressive extras, at the same time being affordable?

This article is right for you!

What is Web Hosting Service?

Web hosting service or just web hosting is a type of internet hosting service.

Web hosting service is a combination of storage space, bandwidth, and server technology to publish information and content on the Internet.

It allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web.

Web hosting service also provides a place for people to put up web pages. It is like an online office where you can open your website.

A few web hosting companies support reselling of their hosting service. 

This means that you could buy some hosting space and then resell it.

This article will learn what a web hosting service is and what it offers to you as a user and small business owner.

You would also learn how to choose a web host for your business.

How do Web Hosting Companies work?

Websites work by retrieving content through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and sending them to the web browser using TCP/IP protocols. 

The Web Hosting Service converts these files to HTML code, viewed when you visit the site via your browser.

Web Hosting Companies are the backbone of the Internet. 

They provide space on their web servers to host websites that can then be accessible online.

They also provide services to manage the said servers and other tech and customer support.

It allows users to have a website without knowing technical skills.

Main Benefits of Web Hosting Services?

There are many benefits of web hosting services. 

Nowadays, some websites are not hosted with hosting services.

However, they should use this service if they want to get maximum benefits from them. 

There is no doubt that web hosting services are among the best available options for e-commerce sites and blogs. 

Hosting services are now popular since people using these sites need a support team to fix many problems quickly without wasting too much time. 

Without going in circles, some great benefits of using a web host are;

  • Ability to Use Multiple Domains

Owning multiple domain addresses all pointing to the same site is a smart way of building your business online. 

Many web hosts have this massive advantage over others. 

That advantage is the ability to host multiple domains on a single hosting account without the costs going through the roof. 

The thing that makes this possible is what’s referred to as cPanel hosting.

  • Database Management

A database management system is a program that manages databases and database applications.

Database management is an integral part of website management and web hosting and is one of the most challenging webmaster tasks.

A web host saves you the hassle, but the wrong hosting may cost you database management.

  • Email Accounts

Web Hosting Plans that have email accounts come with extra privileges. 

Email accounts are the medium through which customers can reach you quickly and conveniently. 

The email accounts provided by Hosting Plans allow your customers to contact you directly for more information about your services and to take orders.

  • Website speed

Speed is a critical factor when it comes to on-page SEO. 

Faster sites rank higher and convert better. 

It is important to use the right web hosting services for your website.

Choosing a fast web hosting Canada is of great benefit to your speed.

This will help to improve your rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. 

It will also reduce page load time and cost you less.

  • Security & uptime

Websites hosted on the Internet need security and uptime to protect their websites, data, brands, and businesses from becoming easily accessible to unauthorized third parties.

That’s why you may want to consider using a website hosting service that provides exceptional uptime.

The security and uptime benefits would be great.


What Makes a Good Web Hosting Company?

There are so many web hosting companies available today that it can be hard to tell which is best. 

Some fundamental questions you need to ask before settling for a hosting company for your business are;

Which company should I choose for my website? 

What makes a good web hosting company?

What should I look for in a web hosting company?

  • Security of data and servers

Hosting providers have vast amounts of data. 

They are also responsible for the security and proper functioning of their servers, data, and applications running on them.

You should always thoroughly check out the security of any new web host you’re considering using.

  • Cost/ Affordable pricing

Cost is one of the main factors amateurs look at when settling for web hosting Canada.

The price you​’d expect to pay for your website hosting should align with your business goals.

Know how much it costs and whether they are worth your money or attention.

  • Technical support

Technical support is the reason why one web hosting company outshines the other. 

The technical support feature by web hosting can make or break your website business.

Good website hosting services with outstanding technical support make your life easy and your work pleasant. 

  • Scalability 

As web hosting is said to be the heart of the website, scalability makes it work. 

Scalability is a characteristic of software or hardware that permits expanding it in size or capacity without any interruption in its operation.

Ask yourself if the hosting can handle it.

  • Uptime

The best way to ensure you have a good experience is to make sure your web hosting provider is reliable.

There is no such thing as 100% uptime. 

Find a website with a satisfactory uptime for your website.

  • Easy to use and user-friendly

Certain things make web hosting user-friendly. 

Some of them include; clear navigation, familiar design, easy sign-in, and registration.

Look out for them when selecting a web hosting Canada.

8 Best Web Hosting Canada for Beginners

While browsing the internet looking for web hosting services, you might have come across various products.

Some of these services are free, and some are not. 

When choosing between free and paid, most people opt for the paid ones because they give an impression of performance reliability.

Finding an affordable web hosting solution can be one of the biggest problems that startups face. 

There are hundreds of web hosting companies, and they all offer a pretty similar service. 

Some of them are best for you as a beginner. 

  1. iPage 

Ipage Web Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting companies online. 

Ipage is a trusted web hosting provider built by small business owners to simplify and offer an affordable web hosting solution for small businesses. 

  1. Hostinger 

Hostinger is a leading UK-based hosting company that offers shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting services.

It provides affordable web hosting solutions for various plans.

These plans include; windows hosting plans, Economy and Business class cloud, and VPS hosting.

  1. HostUpon

HostUpon is one of the fastest-growing web hosting in Canada with the most reliable and affordable web hosting solutions.

They provide easy-to-use tools and small business hosting plans that are perfect for small businesses, personal blogs.

It also provides reliable website hosting services, from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Furthermore, they offer Windows and Linux reseller plans to give you more flexibility.

  1. web hosting offers the fastest website creation and management tools.

It presents users with 24/7 live customer support, unlimited email accounts, 99.9% uptime, powerful WordPress and Drupal compatibility, and more.

They also feature unlimited disk space and bandwidth, easy-to-use WordPress hosting tools, personalized email.

  1. Dreamhost

Dreamhost offers affordable web hosting for individuals and small businesses.

With Shared, Reseller, VPS, and a dedicated hosting provider, they not only offer free 24/7 website hosting but a variety of easy-to-use software.

Dreamhost web hosting comes with a free domain name, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. 

  1. Inmotion

Inmotion Hosting is a hosting service that specializes in cloud-based applications for small businesses, web developers, and creative companies.

They offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server packages. 

In addition to hosting services, Inmotion Hosting also provides complete website design and integration services.

  1. Godaddy

Godaddy web hosting is the leading provider of hosting options for beginner websites, blogs, and e-commerce.

It has many benefits, including a free site builder and a free domain name.

Godaddy web hosting package includes unlimited email addresses for each domain purchased.

  1. A2 Web Hosting

A2 Web Hosting provides web hosting services, including hosting for websites and servers. 

It has a comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and support specifically geared to meet the needs of small businesses. 

This plan is designed for small businesses, growing businesses, or advanced users that require a robust set of features on their hosting package.

Web Hosting Service for Affiliate Marketers

It takes dedication and hard work to be an affiliate marketer. 

It means that you have to put your best effort into each thing you do. 

Not only that, but it includes choosing your web hosting service provider.

Furthermore, it is also essential that you feel at home with the company’s web hosting services.

For affiliate marketers, you can choose your web hosting provider based on the size of your website.

In essence, bigger sites with more traffic should best use any good web hosting with a Dedicated or VPS plan.

Small sites on the other hand can make use of some of the recommended best hosting providers for beginners. 

Web Hosting Service for WordPress Developers

When choosing a service to host your WordPress website, you have a lot of options. 

Some blog providers offer you an easy platform that will allow you to install and maintain WordPress with just a single click.

However, not all hosting services are created equal. 

Some best-performing WordPress web hosting Canada are;

  • Siteground

Siteground is a leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions for internet marketers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

It comes with a free domain name with every hosting plan, one-click WordPress install, free blog, and email creation.

This web host also features free encrypt SSL certificates, easy to use WordPress dashboard with no coding skills required.

  • Web Hosting Canada (WHC)

Web Hosting Canada provides fast, secure web hosting solutions custom-built to meet website needs. 

It provides various reliable plans, including Windows and Linux web hosting packages, dedicated server hosting, and much more.

They provide your small business with a complete web hosting package.

  • WP engine

WP engine is a Cloud-based managed hosting company that provides high-performance hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS.

It also has Windows-based or control-panel-driven hosting environments available.

This web hosting has automatic daily offsite backups and weekly data backups to tape for all accounts.

It also has unlimited disk space and bandwidth on its shared plans, ninety-nine percent server uptime.

  • Hostpapa

Hostpapa Web Hosting is a Canadian Web hosting company that provides Web hosting and domain registration services from Canada.

Hostpapa’s Web Hosting plans are packed with features to help you get your online business up and running. 

You can choose from a VPS, Shared, or Reseller plan to suit your needs exactly. 

Each of their hosting packages comes packed with many features including Active, Power, and Standard management tools; easy-to-use website builder; unlimited email addresses; encrypted data storage; built-in virus protection.

  • Greengeeks

Greengeeks Web Hosting is a global company that provides green and sustainable Web hosting services for individuals and businesses.

All their accounts include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and one-click installations of WordPress, Joomla, and other top CMS.

It also includes; 99.9% server uptime guarantee, unlimited email, and free website builder with templates.

Best Web Hosting Canada for Personal Websites

The best hosting provider for your personal website all depends on what type of website you are building. 

For webshops, it’s crucial to have an entry-level shared host that is reliable, stable, and has a technical support team ready at the center. 

For CMS (WordPress+Joomla) websites, cheap shared hosting is often not good enough because they have speed and uptime issues.

Best Web hosting for High traffic sites

If your website is getting enough visitors from regular sources like Google and other social network platforms, it has high traffic.

Hence, you will have to search for the best web hosting for your needs.

When you’re dealing with a large amount of traffic, everything on your website becomes essential. 

You have to ensure that your host, the site itself, and your content are useful and efficient to people who find your site. 

That means you want a web host for high-traffic sites that can handle it.

VPS hosting is an option that you can consider because it provides adequate control and security level. 

Is it better to use Opencart optimized hosting? Or is any server fine?

Opencart is a free popular e-commerce website that runs on open-source PHP.

Opencart cannot be installed on all hosting platforms, making selecting the best host almost impossible.

All web hosting packages are not created equal. Some are more suitable for an Opencart based website than others. 

Most web hosting providers give a lot of attention to common PHP sites, but Opencart is often neglected. 

If you want your site to rank well, you must pay attention to factors outside just installing the latest Joomla update, and you need your hardware to be optimized for Opencart.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited web hosting is a type of web hosting that does not have a predetermined or limited bandwidth, disk space, or some hosted domains. 

Instead, the hosting company offers unlimited amounts of bandwidth, space, and domains at an affordable price.

What are the most common types of web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that lets you host a website on a server connected to the Internet. 

The services most commonly used to provide web hosting are shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated, and cloud hosting.

The types of hosting you choose will depend on what kind of business you have.

Can you change web hosting?

There are a lot of reasons why you may be looking to change your web hosting.

One of the most common is that the performance just isn’t up to scratch.

Switching your web hosting provider is a pretty big deal. 

Little wonder is why it’s best you know exactly what’s involved before you do it.

What is the best free web hosting for PHP?

When you are starting to put up a website or blog, you must figure out what kind of web hosting you need.

Some prominent web hosting providers offer different types of services, packages, and charges. 

This simply means that there are various kinds of free hosting available for your use, but it depends on what you need.

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting where a hosting service resells pre-packaged software and services to its customers.

Essentially, the hosting company provides you with all the resources you need to create your own web hosting business. 

The services offered by a reseller web host provider are unlimited and offer almost infinite possibilities.

What is Dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows you to host your website. 

It differs from shared web hosting, where multiple websites are hosted (or parked) on a single server. 

In dedicated hosting, you are given an entire server or cluster, possibly consisting of hundreds of servers to host your domain. 

This means all the bandwidth and resources are reserved for your site alone.

What is the difference between paid hosting and free web hosting?

Paid hosting and free web hosting are two popular options for website owners when selecting a host. 

For ones that want total control over their websites, using a paid hosting is recommended as it has the most flexibility. 

However, if you don’t have a fixed amount of money at the start, free web hosting will help you get started.

How to Increase SiteCSpeed using the Best Web Hosting Canada?

Site speed plays a crucial role in web usability, conversion rate optimization, and search engine ranking. 

The success of your business online largely depends on site speed.

Website speed is very crucial because it can make or break your business. 

If your website has a slow loading speed, most visitors will get discouraged and may never return to your site again.

How long does it take to set up Web Hosting?

The amount of time it takes you to set up and get your site transferred to a new host will depend on your specific circumstances. 

Numerous factors go into how quickly you’re able to switch web servers.

The majority of it boils down to how long it’ll take for your domain to become available.

What are Uptime and Downtime in Web Hosting?

Uptime and downtime aren’t the same, although many people will use these terms interchangeably. 

A website’s uptime indicates the amount of time the site was available to its visitors. 

The primary purpose of an uptime report is to give businesses a clear picture of the service level that their customers can access their sites. 

Both uptime and downtime are features of web hosting availability.

What is the difference between Cloud and Web Hosting?

Cloud and web hosting may, at first glance, seem the same, but they are quite different.

Cloud hosting is hosting utilizing a remote location. 

It refers to a category of computing services that allow you to access remote servers over the internet and share resources like storage and processing power.

This hosting is a method of hosting your website on a server that someone else maintains. 

Both cloud and web hosting offer scalable storage and high availability, but they differ in how data storage is handled. 

Cloud hosting is more prone to attack than traditional hosting, while web hosting is more stable. 

What is a Linux cPanel used by Web Hosting Websites?

A cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel for the Linux operating system. 

It is a Web-based interface that allows you to manage a Linux server via the Internet.

A cPanel is a type of account management interface that’s available in several Linux distributions. 

Furthermore, it provides you with a graphical means of modifying settings on your Linux server. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting?

Web hosting is considered free if it doesn’t require purchase. 

In today’s economy, it makes sense to try and save some money. 

However, there are many things to know when looking for a quality free web hosting service. 

Free web hosting is suitable for people who are just getting started.

An advantage of free web hosting is your website will be online immediately.

The disadvantage is your website will not look as professional as a paid web host.

Some major disadvantage of using free web hosting Canada are;

  1. Free web host sites might be overcrowded.
  2. Shared web hosts do not have much support for the shared services.
  3. Your site might be down or malware-infected for days without getting any notification.

The significant advantage is that unlike the many other web hosts out there, free hosts save you extra cost.

You are not required to purchase any additional products or services to keep your hosted websites alive.

Are free Web Hosting really free?

Web hosting used to be a paid service. 

As of now, there are some free services, but are they absolutely free? 

If yes, how do companies offer such great deals without going bankrupt?

The simple answer is yes.

Most common free web hosting services are free of cost and are entirely legal to use.

They also come under no copyright policy.

However, using a free domain with a free host isn’t really free.

This is because they usually come with all sorts of limitations.

The limitations can make it difficult for you to enjoy an optimal website experience without the hassle.

Is free Web Hosting worth going for?

This is where the conundrum lies. 

By offering free hosting, these web hosts make money from advertisements.

This means slow server, potential spam storage, and abuse cases.

Hence, it is best to opt for a cheap web hosting Canada with vast helpful features.

How to Host any Web page in Google for free?

It’s possible to host your web presence in Google. 

These days it is not a bad idea to host your web presence on Google. 

This includes all of your email, photos, documents, and everything else you don’t want anyone else to access.

With Google’s new service, you can use their servers and WordPress software for free to build any kind of site. 

Summarily, follow these steps;

  1.  Add gadgets to your website
  2. Create custom domain directory
  3. Host locally or use Google’s servers

Can Web Hosting change your Business?

Web hosting is one of the most important factors when building a website.  

It can change everything from your site’s speed to having more security features than you know what.

A good web hosting company would get you a significant positive change for your website.

The reverse is the case for a poor web hosting service provider.

What Services are provided by Web Hosting companies?

Many people have heard of web hosting companies but don’t really know what they are all about.

The web hosting services provided would depend on the hosting company.

Essentially, Web hosting allows your customers to access your site and view what you have to offer them.

Companies that provide web hosting services can provide a myriad of features, including domain name registration, storage, and bandwidth for your website.

Is 1 GB Web Hosting enough to build a Website?

Most people ask before signing up with any host is whether the amount of memory allocated to them will be enough for their website needs?

When it comes to website hosting, the major hosting providers offer various packages in terms of disk space quota and bandwidth. 

A disk space of 1 GB and a bandwidth of 1 GB is definitely enough to build a regular blog. 

However, as your website grows in size (and traffic), you might consider upgrading to a WordPress hosting plan with 2-4 GB of storage and a dedicated IP address.

Do Web Hosts provide Traffic for Websites?

This is a topic that has been heavily debated, particularly on web hosting forums. 

Some people think that a good web host should provide you with free traffic, while others disagree.

Not many people know this, but web hosts can provide you with dedicated traffic to boost your site’s rankings in search engines.

There are plenty of offers from companies who provide traffic to their clients for free.

You can find them out and use those web hosting companies.

How can you Transfer your Website from one Web Host provider to another?

Ever wanted to move your website from one host to another?

It can be quite a complicated process, but transferring your domain name is relatively straightforward. 

Sometimes people want to switch their host service. 

This is much needed because a web hosting provider can perform poorly.

To switch your WordPress website to another hosting provider, follow these steps.

  1. Make a copy of your website files
  2. Get a domain name for the new web host
  3. Set up your DNS settings for the domain name
  4. Upload the files
  5. Install WordPress and configure it
  6. Move the database from the old host to the new host, backup it as well
  7. Change all your links and redirects to point to the new host website
  8. Test everything

Retargeting and other techniques can be used to turn these website visitors into customers.

What is the Difference between DNS Hosting and Web Hosting?

The difference between DNS and web hosting is that the latter provides a platform where websites are powered through domains.

DNS hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website, especially if you plan on making it available to everyone. 

It allows you to have a unique and memorable domain name that you can share with your friends and family. 

That URL then directs them to your specific computer, which hosts the website for everyone else to access it. 

The idea behind DNS hosting is that it sets up a direct connection between your computer and those who want to browse the site. 

Can a Web-Hosting Company Provide SEO Leads?

Finding quality SEO leads can be extremely challenging. 

If you’re an SEO and you want a steady stream of inbound leads, there are certain things you should know.

One of the first steps you should consider is finding a web hosting company that can provide you with those leads.

Web hosting companies have an advantage because they already have a large audience (the people who have signed up for the web-hosting plan). 


Web hosting plays a vital role in the success of any startup. 

Web hosting is the place where your start-up will be launched on the Web. 

It is very vital to choose the best web hosting Canada for your website.

This is because it might affect the ranking of your website on search engines. 

Put simply, how good your web hosting provider affects websites’ performance.


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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!