Best Cheap Web Hosting Canada in 2021

Cheap Web Hostiing in Canada

Looking out for cheap web hosting in Canada?

With such a wide range of web hosting plans available, finding one that fits your website can be tough.

Choosing the right provider is an important step toward ensuring your site’s success.

For those seeking Best Cheap Web Hosting Canada in 2021, then this article should be able to help you to achieve your goal.

Here, we’ll talk about how to find the cheapest web hosting service in Canada.

For a start, compare various plans offered by different services.

It will help you to gain insights and choose a suitable package that suits your website’s needs.

We can find thousands of cheap web hosting service providers on the internet nowadays.

However, not all of them have the same features and characteristics.

How then can you ensure you are making a suitable purchase despite a tight budget?

This article lists the best cheap web hosting packages in Canada which are very suitable for small businesses and personal blogs.

Disclaimer: This article is not aimed at promoting any of these cheap web hosting, but to review them for a better-informed decision.

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Table of Contents

What is Web Hosting?

You probably have a ton of questions running through your head right now.

  • What is web hosting?
  • Do I need it to create a website?
  • How do I choose one provider over another?
  • What do the different web hosting companies offer?

These are the most important questions you may have when thinking about starting a website.

Web hosting, one of the oldest internet services has been around since the late ’80s.

It was initially started to help the site owners with the cost of maintaining their server infrastructure needed for their website or personal blog.

Hosting helps businesses spread their business online.

It works by making space on their physical servers so that other users can host their website on the business’ physical servers.

This gives a business its share of customers who are interested in using their website and services.

In a nutshell, it is a business that rents out space on its servers to make websites accessible via the internet.

Web hosting is the service of distributing your website files over the internet.

This is what makes it possible for people to see your site online.

Simply put, Web hosting is how you, or your business, share your website on the internet for people to view and visit.

Any website you go to on the Internet is hosted somewhere.

When deciding where your site will be hosted you need to know what hosting is and understand the types, benefits, and drawbacks of each type of hosting.

What Are the Types of Web Hosting?

When you’re building a website, there are a few different types of web hosting you might need.

Here’s a breakdown of the many different options available to you.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common type of hosting and the most cost-effective.

It’s also a great choice for beginners because it makes getting your site online fast and easy.

Shared web hosting allows multiple users to share one physical server, which reduces the cost of hosting for website owners.

Most shared hosting plans also provide cPanel & Softaculous installers.

This allows you to quickly set up domain names & popular applications such as WordPress & Joomla

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where the resources are hosted outside a local server.

This means the customer does not have the hardware in their office.

Instead, it is in a data center, managed and maintained by a dedicated professional team.

Cloud hosting allows you to host your website(s) on a cloud, rather than the usual physical hardware server that most shared hosting providers use.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a self-managed hosting environment that shares the resources of a physical server.

It is like having your mini dedicated server with full root access, but cheaper and easier to scale horizontally.

VPS is perfect for hosting low-traffic technologies such as LAMP stacks.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a powerful, high-performance machine that is permanently linked to a network and available on demand.

 It provides high-speed, reliable computing power in the very specific configuration you choose.

Dedicated servers are designed for businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to their efficiency, they usually make a good fit for businesses with high-traffic websites or extremely demanding applications

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is extremely popular among beginners in the web hosting industry.

There is a large group of individuals who find reseller hosting an ideal option for starting businesses in this sector.

Reseller accounts are normally priced lower than dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting accounts.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is one of the most important parts of having a successful website.

It’s where you will store your website files and need to be set up correctly.

A poorly setup or an inadequate host can lead to an extremely slow WordPress site or even worse, downtime.

 This article will also help you choose the best WordPress hosting possible for your needs.

Is a Web Host Compulsory to Create a Website?

With the rise of the number of websites online and the technology used to create them, there has been immense competition in the web hosting industry.

The question that every webmaster asks is whether they need a web host to host their website.

The short answer is no. In reality, you can get by without a web host.

There are so many free tools that can help you create your website without a web host.

A web host just hosts your files and displays them when requested by a client using their domain name.

However, to improve the performance and visibility of your website on Google, a web host is important.

A web host is not necessary if you’re on a limited budget.

The good news for those on a limited budget is that there is some cheap web hosting with great features.

How does Web Hosting Work?

Web hosting is a crucial part of running a website in terms of both performance and reliability.

So, the question many small business owners have is; how does web hosting work?

Websites are more than just a bunch of images, text, and some fancy coding.

They’re a database of information that gets delivered to your computer when you enter the website address in your browser.

Web hosting is like a travel agent.

Travel agents help you plan out your trip from A-Z.

They also reserve tickets for you so that you can just enjoy the experience.

Web hosting also organizes your site into easily accessible data packets so people can see it and enjoy it.

Web hosting is the place where all of your websites and other elements related to them are being kept.

It’s the space used to store your files, run your sites, and provide access to your emails if that’s what you choose.

Web hosting is the platform on which a website or service resides.

Hence, it’s the foundation of every online activity.

What is the difference between a Web Server and Web host?

One thing that confuses people is the difference between a Web server and Web host.

Most of the time you will see these two terms used interchangeably.

However, technically speaking, a web server is not necessarily the same as a Web host.

A Web server is one of the most important parts of a website.

This is where the primary content of your website loads and is what your web browser interprets when you navigate to a particular domain or URL.

A web host acts as a platform for website deployment.

In a situation where you run a query in your web browser, that query is directed to a very specific destination.

This destination is a particular Web server.

The Web host can usually deploy multiple sites onto its servers.

It then allows different administrators access to those sites through an administration panel.

That means that while your site likely originates from a web host, it is deployed on an individual Web server.

This individual web server IP address may be shared with other websites on the Web in general.

What is the difference between an application server and a web server?

The difference between a web server and an application server is the way they operate.

A web server will deliver distinct content (HTML pages, scripts, CSS) based on a request from a client.

Meanwhile, an application server will execute code sent by a client and respond with more than just content.

Simply put, an application server is a software program that processes requests for services or instructions from a client.

On the other hand, a web server delivers content to users by interpreting and executing the HTML markup in the request.

Why do I need to Use a Web Host?

If you are looking to start a website, a web host is the first step you need to take as a webmaster.

You may be asking yourself should I use shared or dedicated hosting.

Without the right web host, your website can go down at any moment.

There are still those who question the need for a web host. 

These people are ignorant of the many benefits that come with working with a web host.

When it comes to your business, you need all the help you can get.

A web host can provide you with exactly what you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why should you use a web host for your website?

You may be able to host your site on WordPress for free, but it comes with a price.

It is not easy to deal with all the technical problems by yourself.

You need someone to supervise that supports you whenever you need help.

If you run a website, you often hear a lot of things about web hosting.

A lot of people say that they can get away with hosting their websites on some free website host, but the fact is, it can always result in problems.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a web host.

  • The website is faster
  • The website loads faster
  • It’s much easier to make changes
  • There are more options available on a web host
  • It’s less hassle
  • To protect you from Viruses
  • It improves SEO website ranking

There are a lot of hosting options, and choosing a web host can be confusing.

Whether you’re running a small personal blog or a large e-commerce site, there will always be a need for a web host.

When you start, it’s difficult to know which hosting company you should choose.

Factors to Be Considered in Choosing a Web Host

When you are starting with your business, it can be difficult to decide what cheap web hosting provider to choose.

One of the main issues individuals face in choosing a web host is the so many different hosts to choose from.

Thus, you want to make sure that you choose the best cheap web hosting service for your business.

The most important thing to remember is that not all hosts offer the same services.

Choosing a Host is a Complicated Process as there are so many things to keep in mind.

The first thing you need to worry about when it comes to selecting a web host is your budget.

You also want to consider the features that you need from your host to meet your business’s needs.

Firstly, you need to identify which type of website you’re creating.

There are still several things you should consider before signing up with any provider.

The following explores the factors that you should consider when trying to decide which web host to go with.

Hosting type and support

A very important question to ask when looking for hosting service and support is “what is the type of hosting being provided by this company?”

You should know if shared, VPS, or dedicated is right for your business.

Cost efficiency and guarantee

Any blogger or website owner needs to be able to secure a host that provides value to their blog and money as well.

To make sure you get your money’s worth, place more emphasis on the quality of service before choosing the right cheap web hosting.

Security features

Whether you’re a blogger or a small business owner who uses his website primarily for selling goods and services, the security of your website is of paramount importance.

You have to consider several features and characteristics that are beneficial in keeping your website secured.

Even in the event of an attack; computer, network or external, your hosting provider should be able to mitigate its effects within minutes, not hours or days.

Server location

Whether you want to buy hosting services or set up a website on your machine, you should look at the server location.

You would be surprised at the difference in speed and quality of service between certain countries.

Hence, it is recommended that you do some research on the location of the servers the provider operates

A clear-cut refund policy

A real hosting service guarantees a clear-cut refund policy.

Such policy of the hosting service should not have any conditions attached.

Many hosting accounts are not eligible for a refund at all while some do. Take note of this.

Storage and Bandwidth

When deciding on a web host, a major deciding factor is the amount of disk space and bandwidth you get.

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of storage or bandwidth with your web hosting provider.

This factor can affect a website’s load time.

Hence, it is important to consider the size and quality of storage space and bandwidth.

Technical Assistance & Support

Technical Assistance & Support of hosting services is one of the vital components of the successful running of a company.

When you run into difficulty, it helps to provide reliable and informative support.

This is why it is important to go for cheap web hosting with responsive technical support.

Customer Experience & Service

Regardless of other features, your chosen web host needs to provide efficient customer support and services to the customers.

Opt for a cheap web hosting service with a wonderful customer experience.

22 Cheap Web Hosting in Canada

Web hosting is a very important aspect of your site, and it should not be just taken lightly.

The truth is there is no “best” web host because it all comes down to needs individually.

When choosing a web hosting service, you should take into account several features concerning performance, security, and also reliability.

There are many choices of web hosting companies in Canada.

However, not everyone will give you value for your money.

In this article, I have put together a short list for you to get the best cheap web hosting in Canada.

1. iPage (Starting at $1.99/m)

Ipage Web Hosting Service

Founded in 1998, iPage web hosting is one of the most popular complete, and affordable web hosting plans available today.

IPage provides a host of web hosting services at reasonable prices.  

This cheap web hosting has a fast sign-up process and a simple interface to manage your account.

It is a hosting company for small businesses and individuals starting up on the web.

Ipage comes with plans starting at just $1.99 per month.


  • It is an easy to use site builder
  • 24/7 live support team via phone, email, and live chat.
  • They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and e-mail accounts
  • Their hosting plans come with the one-click install for popular website software like WordPress, Joomla, and other site-building apps.

What is iPage Web Hosting’s Target Market?

After taking a look at iPage, it is safe to say that they are focusing on small business owners and individuals who want to build their personal portfolio websites.

2. Hostinger (Starting at $0.99/m)


Hostinger has been around for over 13 years. It was originally created as a site hosting service.

However, soon after it became a leader in the web hosting market in Eastern Europe and now it’s growing rapidly to new markets worldwide.

Hostinger is a provider of web hosting services to small and large businesses, non-profit organizations as well as home users.

The main idea behind the creation of Hostinger is to provide outstanding service at affordable prices.


  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Expert support from 24/7 helpdesk
  • Customizable control panel interface
  • Provides users with Cloud and Linux Cloud hosting.
  • It provides unlimited disk space
  • Free domain and one-click WordPress installation.

What is Hostinger Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Hostinger targets businesses, bloggers, and freelancers.

Its hosting plans are tailored to meet the needs of beginners, intermediate users, and tech-savvy companies.

3. Bluehost (Starting at $3.95/m)

Bluehost - Best Online Marketing Tools in 2021

Bluehost is one of the most affordable, user-friendly web hosts on the Web.

It is a great Internet hosting provider featuring shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, cloud web hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress optimized hosting.


  • It includes Linux or Windows operating systems
  • Their speed is fast and you have access to unlimited domains
  • Provides expert support.
  • It offers free domain registration
  • Advanced cPanel power tools and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited email addresses as well as space and bandwidth
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

What is Bluehost web Hosting’s Target Market?

Bluehost is a top preferred web host among small businesses and bloggers providing them with fast and affordable solutions.

4. Hostgator (Starting at $2.75/m)


HostGator is a privately held web hosting and domain registrar based in Houston, Texas.

Hostgator is an excellent web hosting provider.

For budget and mid-range web hosting, this is one of the best options out there.

This cheap web hosting is perfect for small businesses.

They offer cloud websites, WordPress hosting plans, virtual private server (VPS) server plans, and dedicated server plans along with domain name registration services.


  • Comes with unlimited email accounts.
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • Exclusive 24/7 support network
  • Offers users a free domain

What is Hostgator Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Hostgator is expected to target intermediate webmasters who want to improve their sites.

These users look for quality hosting at a reasonable price.

5. HostPapa (Starting at $2.95/m)


HostPapa is a friendly Canadian web hosting company that has been around since 2001.

It is an affordable and reliable web host that provides you with the features, reliability, and support to succeed.

HostPapa web hosting plans come with all the tools you need to create a website.

Fast SSD drives, cPanel control panel, free web builder, automatic WordPress installer, free website transfers.


  • It provides unlimited web space and supports multiple applications.
  • It has a 99% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support from in-house employees.
  • Free domain name and no setup fee.
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • Full system backups and daily security audits.

What is HostPapa Web Hosting’s Target Market?

HostPapa’s target market is small and medium-sized businesses looking for a cheap, reliable method of using the internet to promote their ventures.

It basically targets average bloggers and small businesses.

6. Namecheap (Starting at $0.99/M)


Namecheap web hosting is dedicated to providing you with affordable solutions for all your hosting and domain name needs.

It also caters to both beginners and advanced users. 

They have very affordable packages for an aggressively priced hosting solution.

However, they don’t offer dedicated servers and VPS hosting.


  • Plans include a free domain with every new signup.
  • Namecheap offers custom domains and unlimited web hosting.
  • It provides SSL certificates.
  • It offers 24/7 support.
  • 9% uptime guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Namecheap Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Namecheap Web Hosting offers a lot of different products and services.

As such, they have a wide range of potential customers.

However, Namecheap’s main target market is small to medium-sized online businesses.

Many of these companies focus on eCommerce, and they want to get their businesses into the marketplace as soon as possible without spending a fortune.

7. (Starting at $1.59/M) is a dominant web hosting provider and one of the largest domain registrars.

It offers simple, scalable, reliable hosting with innovative and cost-effective features and services for small-medium business, corporate and personal websites.

This cheap web hosting company also offers free email forwarding and a free subdomain with most domain purchases.


  • It includes a FREE domain name
  • Impressive customer services that provide 24-hour support.
  • 9% uptime guarantee.
  • Cloud storage and fast SSDs.

What is Web Hosting’s Target Market? provides web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and email hosting services for small to medium-sized websites.

Hence, it targets people that run blogs or small businesses.

8. Liquid Web (Starting at $1/M)

If you’re looking for cheap web hosting, Liquid Web should be at the top of your list.

Liquid Web hosting is a premier web hosting company that offers a wide range of solutions, from shared web hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

This Web hosting specializes in WordPress and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • It has a super-fast server speed
  • Available on both Windows and Linux servers
  • Ease of use interfaces for beginners and advanced users.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Liquid Web offers a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.
  • It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domain hosting

What is Liquid Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Liquid Web’s customers include any small or medium-sized business owner who seeks out Liquid Web to provide his company with reliable, efficient, and inexpensive hosting and server management services.

9. HostUpon (Starting at $2.95/m)

HostUpon is a leading provider of shared hosting solutions with a wide range of web hosting services.

It focuses on providing the best web hosting and low cost VPS hosting plans at an affordable price.

Hostupon offers a web hosting service at quite a cheap price and it includes a free domain name.

It offers managed and un-managed dedicated servers, and VPS hosting.


  • It offers a free SSL certificate.
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • They offer unlimited space & bandwidth.
  • HostUpon is easy to use and simple to set up.
  • Offers a 30-day guarantee period.

What is HostUpon Web Hosting’s Target Market?

HostUpon is a cheap hosting company. It mainly targets starter site owners and small businesses

10. GreenGeeks (Starting at $2.95/m)

GreenGeeks - Best Online Marketing Tools in 2021

GreenGeeks Web hosting is a Cloud hosting company.

It is one of the most popular shared web hosting providers which offers flexible data storage plans.

GreenGeeks Web hosting also includes everything you need to create a successful website.

They provide environmentally-friendly web hosting services in an eco-friendly way.

It includes a free domain name, free website builder, free anti-spam protection, and a free green web hosting control panel.

What is green web hosting?

Green Web Hosting is the concept of hosting your website with a company that is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption.


  • Comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • It gives users free website builders with every hosting package.
  • Greengeeks gives users free email accounts and free domain names.
  • Unlimited & Secure SSL for all accounts.

What is GreenGeeks Web Hosting’s Target Market?

GreenGeeks caters to those that care about the environment and are also concerned about the costs of running a website.

11. Web Hosting Canada (WHC) Starting at $3.89/m

Web Hosting Canada is among the leading providers of web hosting services and domain registration in Canada.

They are a Canadian-based web hosting company with their offices located in Toronto.

It is a large Web Hosting Service Provider with over 5,000 enterprise web hosting clients and more than 3,000 business-class dedicated servers.

This cheap web hosting has a full range of plans for you to choose from that includes Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.


  • They provide 99.9% uptime.
  • Excellent customer support and 24/7 technical support.
  • Offers affordable hosting services and cheap domain registration available in .ca & .com.
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth.

What is Web Hosting Canada’s Target Market?

Web Hosting Canada offers superior shared hosting services, which are ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses.

12. Dynamic Hosting (Starting at $3.95/m)

Dynamic Web Hosting Company is one of the best dynamic web hosts in the industry.

Dynamic Web Hosting allows you to host your WordPress, Drupal, and more with FTP access and a real-time Remote panel to manage your sites.

It provides a global network of data centers, which are tightly coupled by 10Gbps Ethernet connections.


  • Reseller hosting comes with an SSL certificate.
  • It offers both Linux and Windows web hosting solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support service

What is Dynamic Web Hosting’s Target Market?

The hosting company’s clients are mainly small and mid-sized businesses that typically require specific hosting configurations, as well as personal web developers who prefer more control and quicker response times.

13. Dreamhost Starting From $2.59/M

Dreamhost Web hosting is a reliable and easy-to-use web hosting service.

DreamHost Web hosting is one of the most affordable web hosts on the market, as well as a provider of enterprise-level hosting.

This cheap web hosting offers a range of shared and reseller hosting plans.

While there are tons of companies offering web hosting services, only a few can compare to Dreamhost in terms of user review and popularity.


  • Unlimited storage and emails
  • FTP access and free domain name
  • 9% uptime guarantee to users with all accounts.

What is Dreamhost Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Dreamhost majorly targets small businesses with Entry level budget. These are customers who need hosting but don’t want the cost of a large hosting company.

14. Inmotion (Starting From $2.49/M)

Inmotion web hosting is a global provider of Domain, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud web hosting for small and medium businesses.

It offers a full-featured web hosting platform with 99.9% uptime and 24×7 customer support.


  • 9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free SSDs and WP plugins.
  • It gives users dedicated IP addresses and cpanel.
  • 24x7x365 enterprise-grade support.

What is Inmotion Web Hosting’s Target Market?

The company offers several WordPress hosting packages that are well-suited for beginners, bloggers, and developers.

15. Mochahost (Starting from $2.46/M)


Mochahost is a fully managed hosting company, which offers you hosting services with outstanding customer support.

Mochahost web hosting is a Linux provider which also can host a windows server with a Plesk Control panel.

It is web hosting that provides affordable business website hosting with a great web control panel.

Mochahost web hosting services include Linux, Windows, and Reseller hosting options.


  • 24/7 tech support via online chat or phone.
  • 9% uptime guarantee.

What is Mochahost Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Mochahost is a good hosting service provider for small to medium-sized businesses.

16. Boom Host (Starting from $2.66/m)

Boomhost is a leading web hosting company that offers domain purchase and website hosting services.

It offers affordable Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Servers to individuals and businesses.


  • Offers automatic instant setup for both cPanel & WHM.
  • cPanel interface makes it quite easy for you to manage your websites.
  • This web host offers unlimited space and bandwidth.
  • 24×7 technical support and assistance.

What is Boom Host’s Target Market?

Boom Host is a web hosting provider that is focused on building, managing, and supporting small businesses

17. PlanetHoster (Starting from $7.26/m)

Planethoster’s unlimited web hosting offers massive resources for a low price.

This hosting can support hundreds of websites, each with its domains.

They offer shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated web hosting services at competitive prices.


  • 24×7 live chat and unlimited email support.
  • 9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited disk space and traffic.
  • It offers a free domain and daily backups.
  • Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee

What is Planethoster’s Target Market?

Planethoster reseller hosting plans are designed to cover any site size. From students and small entrepreneurs to big organizations.

18. SiteGround (Starting from $6.99/m)

Siteground - Best Online Marketing Tools in 2021

Siteground is a web hosting company that provides a fully managed WordPress hosting platform.

It is one of the best cheap web hosting in terms of affordable pricing, maximum uptime, and numerous features.

Siteground offers Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting.


  • SiteGround boasts a 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • SSL-secured data storage.
  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Siteground gives users free site builders.
  • SSD storage and free WordPress staging.
  • Offers 30 days money-back guarantee

What is Siteground Web Hosting’s Target Market?

Siteground is a Solid Web Hosting company that provides fantastic hosting for WordPress users.

19. GoDaddy (Starting from $1/m)

Godaddy Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy web hosting is a popular choice for businesses and personal websites.

It is easy to use and offers the first two months of hosting for free.

They have affordable pricing and you can always choose a host plan with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains.


  • Effective customer service support
  • It has an easy to use interface
  • It offers a very good speed
  • It comes with unlimited disk space.

What is Godaddy Web Hosting’s Target Market?

For Godaddy web hosting, its target is business owners and bloggers. It is not limited to small but also large websites.

20. WP Engine (Starting from $30/m)

Wp Engine is a managed WordPress hosting solution that provides the tools and performance optimizations you need.

Although it is not as affordable as the other cheap web hosting, it gives value for money.

The WP engine WordPress hosting makes it possible to run any type of WordPress site including WooCommerce eCommerce sites with supercharged speed.


  • Their servers are powered by SSDs.
  • They have a very high-quality support team available 24/7.
  • Unlimited disk space, storage, and emails.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-click WP installation

What is WP Engine Web Hosting’s Target Market?

The WP engine systems are designed specifically for WordPress. Hence, it is targeted at WordPress developers or website owners.

21. GTHost (Starting from $54/m)

GThost is an easy and safe cheap web hosting to store your multiple websites on a single customizable platform.

It is not so cheap but it is an affordable option for websites that requires dedicated servers.

It provides quality VPS and shared web hosting packages for both beginners and experts alike.


  • 24 hours technical support via phone
  • You get a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free SSL certificate

What is GTHost ’s Target Market?

Currently, GTHost’s target market is small businesses that are looking to get an online presence or experienced marketers looking to streamline their marketing process.

22. A2 Hosting (Starting from $2.99/m)

A2 Hosting is a cheap web hosting company, with lightning fast speeds and provides the necessary features needed to get your site up and running.

It offers easy web control by webmasters, customizable hosting services for your site, and the ability to have more visitors through search engine optimization.

A2 services include; email hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificates.


  • It offers 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Each account comes with a Control Panel and an SSL Certificate.
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • 24/7 responsive customer service support.
  • Free Site Builder.

What is A2 Web Hosting’s Target Market?

A2 is majorly concerned with providing cheap web hosting services for small businesses and start-ups.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting Company

Which hosting is best to choose? Linux web hosting or Windows web hosting

When it comes to hosting your site, there are a few important decisions to make.

The first one is whether you will host your site on Windows or Linux.

This decision should not be taken lightly, as it is one of the most crucial decisions in determining your hosting and the costs involved.

You might be wondering whether there are any clear advantages between Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

Windows hosting is a web hosting solution to cater to your business or improve the performance of your blog.

Some websites use this operating system (OS) because it’s easier to create and update and has an easy coding language called ASP.

The main advantage is that it can be used by any application developers or businesses who want to integrate their services with Microsoft software.

Oftentimes, blogs on various niches find an advantage with Windows hosting because it works best with ASP platforms.

On the other hand, Linux is a very popular operating system and web hosting. With the popularity, many web hosting providers offer this hosting plan.

Linux web hosting is the second most popular type of web hosting, after Windows hosting.

Linux is an open-source operating system and Linux hosting refers to a type of web hosting where the Web server runs on a Linux platform.

Usually, a Linux server provides better performance compared to Windows hosting plans.

Linux web hosting is a bit different from traditional Windows hosting. There are many options to choose from.

Linux web hosting can be cheaper than its Windows competitors, and it’s accessible to more developers.

Overall, the web host you opt for would depend on which you find most suitable for your blog or website.

What is the difference between Linux and WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is an open-source application that helps you create a website.

WordPress’s popularity makes it one of the most used content management systems (CMS) on the market.

 It has been adopted by everyone from bloggers to some of the biggest companies in the world.

 That being said, there are some differences between Linux and WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is the place where you can host and store your website files on the World Wide Web.

Though there are many kinds of cheap web hosting service providers, WordPress hosting is specifically designed for WP users.

When you need control over how your server runs, Linux hosting is the way to go.

However, businesses are choosing to go with Linux hosting because it is the platform that can be customized in any way you see fit. It gives you complete control.

At What Point Do I Pay for a Web Host while setting up my Website?

If you are just starting with your website, you might not be ready to pay for a web host yet.

However, paying for a web host right from the word go saves money and time.

It is best to start with a web host as early as possible to allow yourself some time to test and experiment before committing to anything.

What are traditional and cloud web hosting?

Traditional hosting is where your web host is responsible for managing, updating, and administering a server.

With traditional web hosting, the hosting provider assigns you a portion of their hardware resources.

Cloud web hosting, as its name suggests, is a form of internet hosting where your website is stored on a remote server in the cloud.

This means that your website won’t be stored on a physical computer with a finite amount of storage space.

Instead, it is stored on a network of virtual computers, called servers.

Does web hosting affect SEO rankings?

There are various important aspects to consider when planning your website.

Web hosting can be high on the list alongside domain name choice, content marketing, and SEO.

Web hosting plays a huge role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your website. It also helps in boosting your site’s ranking if done properly.

Hence, watch out for the server response times of the host company you choose.

Who manages your Domain Name System (DNS) Servers: Yourself or an Outside Company?

The DNS servers that point your domain to your website are the single most important aspect of your website’s performance. They can make or break your online presence.

However, who manages your DNS name servers? Is it you or your web hosting company?

In the real sense of it, your DNS hosting provider handles it. You can either buy your DNS hosting on your own or go through a hosting provider.

If you bought your DNS hosting on your own, how can you find out who your DNS hosting provider is?

Step one: Log into your account

Step two: Click to manage domains

Step three: Scroll down to the section titled ‘who is my current registrar?’

Step four: Look on the right-hand side for the provider information section (which will match up with the registrar listed in this section)

Step five: Copy and paste your DNS details into to see more information about that provider.

What is the best web hosting provider for personal websites?

It’s not a secret that web hosting plays an important role in the success of your website.

Choosing the right web host is sometimes tricky when there are so many providers with different offers.

Below you can find some factors to consider when choosing the best web hosting for your personal website.

  • Reliability and security
  • Price and Cost
  • Web Hosting Options
  • Speed/Uptime
  • Customer Support
  • Overall User Experience

Final Note

The web hosting service you choose will play a critical role in determining how successful your business or personal website is.

Given the amount of options available, finding a cheap web hosting company that meets your needs can be difficult.

However, this comprehensive and detailed list would serve as a guide to help you make your decision.

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

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Welcome to Digital Market Journal!

Want to learn the Keystone of Digital Marketing and how it can boost your online performance?

*Get exclusive updates on digital Marketing now by Joining us!