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3 Top SEO Tools To Consider in 2019

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In this Video, Tayo explained why you should use the 3 top SEO trends in 2019 (Video, Voice and Image Recognition) on your website.

Videos – Videos are expected to drive 80% traffic by the year 2020.

Voice Search – At least 30% of all searched are expected to be done by voice by the year 2020. Google and other top vendors are already creating mobile and browser compatible voice plugins. We expect this trend to continue in 2020.

Image Recognition – With the launch of Google Len, CamFind, etc, Image recognition search; I believe is the next big thing as far as user behavior is concerned.

With these apps, you can take any picture and find it’s properties such as Name, Store where you can find the item, etc.


Omotayo Afolabi Olayinka is the founder of Digital Markets Journal, a top digital marketing blog. As a lead Digital Marketing/SEO Expert, he leads project development in SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Audit, Web Analytics, Local SEO, and Web Development. He is married and lives with his wife in Winnipeg, Canada

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